The Colors Of Christmas

The Colors Of Christmas

by Dawn Young-Tolsma


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The Colors of Christmas is a collection of vignettes that gives a glimpse into complex human relationships across the distance of many eras.

The stories center on the Christmas holidays, and shows how relations between African Americans and whites can improve through understanding and friendship. It is 1860 and Rebecca's father is about to announce her engagement to the dashing Josh Gordon at a lavish ball. But Rebecca is torn between her true commitment to Josh and her devoted friendship to Ben, her servant's son. A Christmas star symbolizes how Rebecca's loyalty can overcome even the bonds imposed by slavery.

During the Great Depression, Emily Gordon is taught that the true Christmas spirit is expressed by sharing what her family has with the family of an African American woman who washes their clothes.

In 1972, Eddie Fraser, An African American policeman in New York City thwarts a carjacker and saves the life of a little white girl that clings to him for safety.

In 2006, an aging man forgives his daughter for marrying a black man, and comes to return the love of her stepdaughter who is devoted to him.

From the Civil War time to present day two families co-exist throughout different eras. Although they have different skin color and are accepted by society in a diverse manner, they have one thing in common: to achieve consideration and approval for all human beings.

Even after their deaths, Rebecca and Ben presents the hope they shared for one another to the generations that followed.

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ISBN-13: 9780595460427
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/13/2007
Pages: 66
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