The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 11B: 1971

The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 11B: 1971




Picking up in July 1971, precisely where its predecessor left off, The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 11B runs through the back half of 1971, collecting all the singles released on Motown and its subsidiaries during these six months. 1971 was the first year split in two by the archivists at Hip-O Select, a move that makes sense given the slowly expanding length of the singles and the sheer number of releases (not to mention alternate mixes) the label churned out in 12 months. This set runs 120 songs over the course of five discs, with its companion weighing in at 119 songs on six discs, and an 11-disc box set for a single year is simply too much to digest at once. Of course, having 1971 cleaved in two doesn't necessarily make it easier to digest, nor does it quite camouflage a year that was transitional at best and confused at worst. Much of this muddle is down to shifting times and fashions, as Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder moved toward risky album-based projects, but R&B was getting funkier outside of Motown, and the label had a few worthy attempts to follow the flow, even if they didn't go far on the charts. Motown also had some stabs at interesting esoteric, almost psychedelic, soul, such as Jack Hammer's "Colour Combination," a rarity that fits in well with all the hippie rock and AM pop Motown's Rare Earth label churned out during these six months. There's more of this rock-oriented stuff here than one might initially think -- singles from Rare Earth themselves, but also Sunday Funnies (who came to Andrew Loog Oldham via Punch Andrews, wind up sounding like neither the Stones or Seger), a second single from Stoney & Meatloaf, and a brilliant piece of bubblegum by the Messengers called "That's the Way a Woman Is" that kicks off the set in a deceptive fashion. Or maybe it isn't quite so misleading to have this volume of The Complete Motown Singles open with such a sugary confection because it does indicate how thoroughly showbiz the label was in 1971, touching upon all manners of styles and trends. This was apparent on 11A, too, but the paucity of classic hits -- Marvin's "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)," Stevie Wonder's "If You Really Love Me," and Michael Jackson, already breaking away from his brothers just two years after their first hit, with "Got to Be There" -- winds up emphasizing all the oddities here, whether it's Tony & Carolyn's shameless Carpenters rip-off, Bobby Darin attempting protest folk about five years too late, LA DJ Tom Clay's smarmy recitation "Whatever Happened to Love" and the Rustix's thoroughly depressing "We All End Up In Boxes." Plenty of good stuff surrounds these often bewildering shots in the dark -- it's good to hear Smokey Robinson bring quiet storm to shape with "Satisfaction," Eddie Kendricks get real seductive with "Can I," Virgil Henry's rarity "I Can't Believe You're Really Leaving" is a deserved cult classic -- enough for the devoted to find this necessary (although even some of these listeners might find their patience tested by all the stereo promo mixes that don't sound all that different from the issued mix; yes, they're collector bait and part of the reason for this series to even exist, but less fanatical devotees may find themselves wishing these mixes were excised so they can see the forest for the trees) but the overall picture of 1971 that the two box sets paint is one of a label that was turning into an institution, getting so big it was losing sight of many of its strengths.

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Release Date: 03/03/2009
Label: Hip-O Select
UPC: 0602517876903
catalogNumber: 001222702


Disc 1

  1. That's the Way a Woman Is
  2. In the Jungle
  3. That's the Way a Woman Isereo Promo Version]
  4. Take Me Girl, I'm Ready
  5. Right on Brothers and Sisters
  6. Take Me Girl, I'm Readyeo Promo Version]
  7. Keep Me
  8. A Man Without Love
  9. Lo And Behold
  10. The Things We Have to Do
  11. Lo And Behold
  12. You Can Come Right Back to Me
  13. Dinah
  14. It Takes All Kinds of People
  15. The Way You Do the Things You Do
  16. It Takes All Kinds of People
  17. If You Really Love Me
  18. Think of Me as Your Soldier
  19. Can I
  20. I Did It All for You
  21. Can I
  22. My Piece of Heaven
  23. Down, Down
  24. My Piece of Heavenomo Version

Disc 2

  1. Surrender
  2. I'm a Winner
  3. Can't It Wait Until Tomorrow
  4. Back to Nowhere
  5. Happiness
  6. I Hope I See It in My Lifetime
  7. Happiness
  8. MacArthur Park (Pt. 2)
  9. MacArthur Park (Pt. 1)
  10. Funky Rubber Band
  11. Funky Rubber Band
  12. Funky Rubber Band
  13. I'm an Easy Rider
  14. Concrete and Clay
  15. I'm an Easy Rider
  16. Who You Gonna Run To
  17. Forgive My Jealousy
  18. Act Like a Shotgun
  19. Girl I Really Love You
  20. Act Like a Shotgunomo Version
  21. Walk Down the Path of Freedom
  22. It's Just a Dream
  23. Walk Down the Path of Freedom
  24. Heaven Must Have Sent Youereo Promo Version]

Disc 3

  1. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)
  2. Wholy Holy
  3. Touch
  4. It's So Hard for Me to Say Goodbye
  5. Touch
  6. Bless You
  7. Hope I Don't Get My Heart Broke
  8. Bless You
  9. Colour Combination
  10. Swim
  11. Colour Combinationomo Version
  12. Got to Be There
  13. Maria (You Were the Only One)
  14. Got to Be There
  15. I'm Still Waiting
  16. A Simple Thing Like Cry
  17. Zip a Dee Doo Dah
  18. Bah Bah Bah
  19. Zip a Dee Doo Dah
  20. Whatever Happened to Love
  21. Baby I Need Your Loving
  22. Whatever Happened to Loveereo Promo Version]
  23. When Sundown Comes
  24. Flower Girl

Disc 4

  1. Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are)
  2. Gonna Keep on Tryin' Till I Win Your Love
  3. Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are)
  4. Satisfaction
  5. Satisfaction
  6. We've Only Just Begun/I'll BeThere
  7. I Can Get Away from You (But I Can't Get Over You)
  8. We've Only Just Begun/I'll BeThere
  9. Hey Lordy
  10. Just a Little Bit Closer
  11. I Want to Go Back There Again
  12. Pick of the Week
  13. I Want to Go Back There Again
  14. Hey Big Brother
  15. Under God's Light
  16. Hey Big Brother
  17. Way Back Home
  18. Way Back Home
  19. Way Back Home
  20. We All End Up in Boxes
  21. We All End Up in Boxeso Promo Version]
  22. I Can't Believe You're ReallyLeaving
  23. You Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New
  24. I Can't Believe You're ReallyLeaving

Disc 5

  1. You Make Your Own Heaven and Hell Right Here on Earth
  2. Ball of Confusion (That's What the World Is Today)
  3. Make Me the Woman That You GoHome To
  4. It's All Over But the Shoutin'
  5. Sugar Daddy
  6. I'm So Happy
  7. Sugar Daddy
  8. Simple Song of Freedom
  9. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
  10. Simple Song of Freedomnate Mix]
  11. I'll Be Your Baby Tonightternate Mix]
  12. The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived
  13. A Child Is Waiting
  14. What Christmas Means to Me
  15. Bedtime for Toys
  16. What Christmas Means to Metereo Promo Version]
  17. Floy Joy
  18. This Is the Story
  19. Floy Joy
  20. In and out of My Life
  21. Your Love Makes It All Worthwhile
  22. In and out of My LifePromo Version]
  23. T.L.C. (Tender Loving Care)
  24. T.L.C. (Tender Loving Care)Stereo Promo Version]

Album Credits

Technical Credits

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Chris Clark   Composer
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