The Complete Savoy and Dial Studio Sessions

The Complete Savoy and Dial Studio Sessions

by Charlie Parker


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Release Date: 06/18/2002
Label: Savoy Jazz
UPC: 0795041707925
catalogNumber: 17079
Rank: 65842


Disc 1

  1. Tiny's Tempo
  2. I'll Always Love You Just the Same
  3. Romance Without Finance
  4. Red Cross
  5. Tiny's Tempo
  6. Tiny's Tempo
  7. I'll Always Love You Just the Same
  8. Romance Without Finance
  9. Romance Without Finance
  10. Romance Without Finance
  11. Romance Without Finance
  12. Red Cross
  13. Groovin' High
  14. All the Things You Are
  15. Dizzy Atmosphere
  16. Salt Peanuts
  17. Shaw 'Nuff
  18. Lover Man
  19. Hot House
  20. Warming up a Riff
  21. Billie's Bounce
  22. Now's the Time
  23. Thriving on a Riff
  24. Meandering
  25. Koko

Disc 2

  1. Billie's Bounce
  2. Billie's Bounce
  3. Billie's Bounce
  4. Billie's Bounce
  5. Now's the Time
  6. Now's the Time
  7. Now's the Time
  8. Thriving on a Riff
  9. Thriving on a Riff
  10. Koko
  11. Dizzy's Boogie
  12. Flat Foot Floogie
  13. Poppity Pop
  14. Slim's Jam
  15. Dizzy's Boogie
  16. Flat Foot Floogie
  17. Diggin' Diz
  18. Moose the Mooche
  19. Yardbird Suite
  20. Ornithology
  21. A Night in Tunisia
  22. Moose the Mooche
  23. Moose the Mooche
  24. Yardbird Suite
  25. Ornithology
  26. Ornithology (Bird Lore)
  27. A Night in Tunisia (The Famous Alto Break)
  28. A Night in Tunisia

Disc 3

  1. Max (Is) Making Wax
  2. Lover Man
  3. The Gypsy
  4. Bebop
  5. Blues on the Sofa (Blues, No. 1)
  6. Kopely Plaza Blues (No. 2)
  7. Yardbird Suite
  8. Lullaby in Rhythm, Pt. 1
  9. Lullaby in Rhythm, Pt. 2
  10. Home Cooking, No. 2: Cherokee
  11. Home Cooking, No. 3: I Got Rhythm
  12. Home Cooking, No. 1: Opus
  13. This Is Always
  14. Dark Shadows
  15. Bird's Nest
  16. Cool Blues
  17. This Is Always
  18. Dark Shadows
  19. Dark Shadows
  20. Dark Shadows
  21. Bird's Nest
  22. Bird's Nest
  23. Cool Blues (Hot Blues/Blowtop Blues)
  24. Cool Blues (Blowtop Blues)
  25. Cool Blues

Disc 4

  1. Relaxin' at Camarillo
  2. Cheers
  3. Carvin' the Bird
  4. Stupendous
  5. Relaxin' at Camarillo
  6. Relaxin' at Camarillo
  7. Relaxin' at Camarillo
  8. Cheers
  9. Cheers
  10. Cheers
  11. Carvin' the Bird
  12. Stupendous
  13. Donna Lee
  14. Chasin' the Bird
  15. Cheryl
  16. Buzzy
  17. Donna Lee
  18. Donna Lee
  19. Donna Lee
  20. Donna Lee
  21. Chasin' the Bird
  22. Chasin' the Bird
  23. Chasin' the Bird
  24. Buzzy
  25. Buzzy
  26. Buzzy
  27. Buzzy

Disc 5

  1. Milestones
  2. Little Willie Leaps
  3. Half Nelson
  4. Sippin' at Bell's
  5. Milestones
  6. Milestones
  7. Little Willie Leaps
  8. Little Willie Leaps
  9. Half Nelson
  10. Sippin' at Bell's
  11. Sippin' at Bell's
  12. Sippin' at Bell's
  13. Dexerity
  14. Bongo Bop
  15. Dewey Square
  16. The Hymn
  17. Bird of Paradise
  18. Embraceable You
  19. Dexterity
  20. Bongo Bop
  21. Dewey Square
  22. Dewey Square
  23. The Hymn
  24. Bird of Paradise
  25. Bird of Paradise
  26. Embraceable You

Disc 6

  1. Bird Feathers
  2. Klact-Oveeseds-Tene
  3. Scrapple from the Apple
  4. My Old Flame
  5. Out of Nowhere
  6. Don't Blame Me
  7. Klact-Oveeseds-Tene
  8. Scrapple from the Apple
  9. Out of Nowhere
  10. Out of Nowhere
  11. Drifting on a Reed (Big Foot)
  12. Quasimado
  13. Charlie's Wig
  14. Bongo Beep
  15. Crazology
  16. How Deep Is the Ocean?
  17. Drifting on a Reed
  18. Drifting on a Reed
  19. Quasimado
  20. Charlie's Wig
  21. Charlie's Wig
  22. Bongo Beep
  23. Crazeology
  24. Crazeology
  25. Crazeology
  26. How Deep Is the Ocean?

Disc 7

  1. Another Hair Do
  2. Bluebird
  3. Klaunstance
  4. Bird Gets the Worm
  5. Another Hair Do
  6. Another Hair Do
  7. Another Hair Do
  8. Bluebird
  9. Bird Gets the Worm
  10. Bird Gets the Worm
  11. Barbados
  12. Ah-Leu-Cha
  13. Constellation
  14. Parker's Mood
  15. [Untitled Track]
  16. Barbados
  17. Barbados
  18. Ah-Leu-Cha
  19. Constellation
  20. Constellation
  21. Constellation
  22. Constellation
  23. Parker's Mood
  24. Parker's Mood
  25. Parker's Mood
  26. Parker's Mood
  27. Perhaps
  28. Marmaduke
  29. Steeplechase
  30. Merry-Go-Round

Disc 8

  1. Perhaps
  2. Perhaps
  3. Perhaps
  4. Perhaps
  5. Perhaps
  6. Perhaps
  7. Marmaduke
  8. Marmaduke
  9. Marmaduke
  10. Marmaduke
  11. Marmaduke
  12. Marmaduke
  13. Marmaduke
  14. Marmaduke
  15. Marmaduke
  16. Marmaduke
  17. Marmaduke
  18. Merry-Go-Round
  19. Hallelujah
  20. Get Happy
  21. Slam Slam Blues
  22. Congo Blues
  23. Hallelujah
  24. Hallelujah
  25. Get Happy
  26. Slam Slam Blues
  27. Congo Blues
  28. Congo Blues
  29. Congo Blues
  30. Congo Blues

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Charlie Parker   Primary Artist,Leader,Alto Saxophone
Earl Coleman   Vocals
Miles Davis   Trumpet
Russ Freeman   Piano
Erroll Garner   Piano
Dizzy Gillespie   Piano,Trumpet,Vocals
Wardell Gray   Tenor Saxophone
Tiny Grimes   Guitar,Vocals
Haig   Piano
Duke Jordan   Piano
Barney Kessel   Guitar
Red Norvo   Vibes
Flip Phillips   Tenor Saxophone
Bud Powell   Piano
Specs Powell   Drums
Max Roach   Drums
Slam Stewart   Bass
Lucky Thompson   Tenor Saxophone
Teddy Wilson   Piano
Cozy Cole   Drums
George Handy   Piano
Stan Levey   Drums
Tommy Potter   Bass
Zutty Singleton   Drums
Don Lamond   Drums
Howard McGhee   Trumpet
Slim Gaillard   Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Shorty Rogers   Trumpet
Jack McVea   Tenor Saxophone
Nelson Boyd   Bass
Melvin Broiles   Trumpet
Ray Brown   Bass
Bam Brown   Bass,Vocals
Jimmy Bunn   Piano
Jimmy Butts   Bass
Red Callender   Bass
Big Sid Catlett   Drums
Clyde Hart   Piano
J.C. Heard   Drums
J.J. Johnson   Trombone
Dodo Marmarosa   Piano
Roy Porter   Drums
Jimmy Pratt   Drums
Teddy Reig   Interviewee
Curly Russell   Bass
Sarah Vaughan   Vocals
Argonne Thornton   Piano
Harold "Doc" West   Drums,Vocals
Arv Garrison   Guitar
Arnold Fishkind   Bass
Remo Palmieri   Guitar
Vic McMillan   Bass
Bob Kesterton   Bass
John Richard Lewis   Piano
Sid Satlett   Drums

Technical Credits

Bill Kirchner   Liner Notes
Buck Ram   Producer
Barry Feldman   Executive Producer
Ira Gitler   Liner Notes
Doug Hawkins   Engineer
Ben Jordan   Engineer
Orrin Keepnews   Liner Notes
Bob Porter   Liner Notes,Interviewer
Teddy Reig   Producer,Liner Notes
Larry Schreiber   Producer
Ross Russell   Dialect Coach
Martin Williams   Liner Notes
William Gottlieb   Biographical Information
Max Harrison   Liner Notes
Bob Parent   Cover Photo
James Patrick   Liner Notes
Paul Reid   Re-Equalizer
Christian Calabró   Art Direction
Jim Syracusa   Engineer
Harry Smith   Engineer
Ed Schreiber   Contributor
Chuck Kopely   Contributor

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The Complete Savoy and Dial Studio Recordings 1944-1948 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The 3 star rating for this fantastic box set only applies to the packaging which I will get to in a minute. All of this music has been available on cd for the past 10 years (with the exception of the outakes, 2nd and 3rd takes, etc.) and it is truly wonderful and deserves at least five stars. Especially in this package that with the latest remastering technology their speed have been restored to the correct pitch and they sound remarkably crisp and clear. Now I can not believe for a box set with a price tag of over $100.00 that the packaging is done so poorly. First of all you can easily tear out the cd sleeves by just trying to remove or put back the cd's in their sleeves, so be very careful. The box set cover and it's book are not of very good quality and I hope that it would last a few years! My second problem is why on each cd they've put all the 2nd, 3rd,..takes right after each other instead of putting them at the end. For example 4 takes of Billie's Bounce, Donna Lee, Constellation or 6 takes of Perhaps, 9 takes of Marmaduke back to back makes it almost impossible to listen to these CD's without Programming the cd player! Of course this might not be a big deal for you but for me this was quite an inconvenience. Again this is Parker's greatest work in my opinion and it sounds fantastic here.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Putting aside the unmatched transcendant musical genius part for a moment, this box set is great way to finally get all the historically pivotal recordings of Charlie Parker from about 1945 to 1948 or so. The liner notes, which aren't annoying, give the exact dates of the recordings which are arranged in beautiful chronological order, regardless of label. So if you're into Charlie Parker, this is a good way to sort of follow his progress through these years(in which he basically changed jazz). This includes the alternate takes, which(although they can make casual listening extremely annoying) allow for the study of Charlie Parker's process of editing and re-shaping solos into a perfect one or two chorus statements(which, it can be argued, were ultimately his true compostions). Also, buying the Savoy recordings(with alternates) will otherwise involve the buying of multiple cds in random date order and weird covers -- annoying! This box set is a good way to get all the Savoy, and Dial Bird with one throw of the stone(albeit for a hundred bucks).