The Complete Studio Recordings 1974-1976

The Complete Studio Recordings 1974-1976

by TNT


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Long before starting his Arf! Arf! label, Erik Lindgren performed in this central Pennsylvania mod psych/power pop combo from 1970-1975. For teens of that era, TNT's play list was an uncommonly wide one, taking in garage classics ("A Question of Temperature"), Baroque pop ("Just Walk Away, Renee"), psychedelic pop ("Starry Eyes"), and winsome originals like the Beach Boys-flavored "Summer Fun." Listeners will enjoy playing spot the influence with Lindgren's stuff, such as "One Right Way to Win Me," which he admits to copping off a Humble Pie-era single. "Pedestal" and "Myrah," on the other hand, are different conceits which Lindgren wrote after reading about an unheard Left Banke single of the same name. Never having heard the originals didn't stop him; Lindgren even matched them down to exact running times and reputed production touches (such as acoustic pianos). Local record hounds thought that they'd found the ultimate Left Banke collectible, until another collector debunked the idea -- proof that audacious pop thievery pays, however briefly. TNT inevitably dissolved when adulthood intervened, having played churches, teen dances, weddings, and even museums (as some great period photos illustrate). They'd reaped little more than local notoriety, but gained something greater, as Lindgren's booklet notes make delightfully clear. For TNT's members, the experience meant "having fun, staying out of trouble, and having a great time making music." This release is a joyous testimony to that fact.

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