The Conscious Parent's Guide to Raising Girls: A mindful approach to raising a strong, confident daughter * Promote self-esteem * Build resilience * Improve communication

The Conscious Parent's Guide to Raising Girls: A mindful approach to raising a strong, confident daughter * Promote self-esteem * Build resilience * Improve communication

by Erika V. Shearin Karres, Rebecca Branstetter


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The tools you need to foster a positive, supportive relationship with your daughter!
Raising a confident, self-assured girl in today's world is complicated, but it can be done—with the help of The Conscious Parent's Guide to Raising Girls.

Inside, you'll find the strategies you need to help your daughter navigate through her world of school cliques, confusing media messages, and pressures to be a "good girl." With smart, comprehensive advice on the trials and triumphs of raising a daughter with patience, this concise guide explains how you can:
  • Deal with cliques, bullies, and peer pressure
  • Communicate effectively and sensitively with your daughter
  • Strengthen self-image, resist peer pressure, and promote self-esteem
  • Build emotionally healthy relationships
Rebecca Branstetter, PhD, and Erika V. Shearin Karres, EdD, provide you with the information and support you need for parenting with mindfulness, flexibility, and resilience. You'll be able to create a calm and centered emotional environment for raising well-adjusted, confident girls.

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ISBN-13: 9781440599910
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 01/01/2017
Series: The Conscious Parent's Guides
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 214,556
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Erika V. Shearin Karres, EdD, author of Mean Chicks, Cliques, and Dirty Tricks, is a well-known parenting expert and lecturer who has won numerous Outstanding Educator awards. She raised two daughters, one a gastroenterologist, the other a United Methodist minister, and inspired her two granddaughters, one a medical student and the other planning to enter law school. Dr. Erika lives in Chapel Hill, NC and Wilmington, NC.

Rebecca Branstetter, PhD, is a child and adolescent psychologist and school psychologist in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with kids who struggle in school, and writes about her experiences in her blog, Notes from the School Psychologist. She is the author of The Everything Guide to Children with Executive Functioning Disorder, The Conscious Parent's Guide to Executive Functioning Disorder, and The Conscious Parent's Guide to ADHD.

Table of Contents

Introduction 9

Chapter 1 Conscious Parenting 11

The Benefits of Conscious Parenting 13

Empathy and Acceptance 15

Giving Your Daughter Your Full Attention 16

Understanding Your Daughters Behavior 17

Chapter 2 Your Infant Daughter 21

Developmental Factors 22

Your Baby's World 24

Maintain a Routine (for You and Her) 25

Her Care and Needs 27

The Fussy Baby 30

Draw on Your Network 32

Important Points to Consider 34

Chapter 3 Your Toddler Daughter 35

Interacting Socially 36

The Terrific Twos 38

Your Girl Learns to Listen 40

Tantrums and Strategies to Cope 42

Potty Training 47

Important Points to Consider 48

Chapter 4 Your Preschool Daughter 51

Developmental Factors 52

Her Toys and Hobbies 53

Social Interactions 55

Fostering Healthful Habits 59

Teaching Your Daughter Resilience 60

Getting Ready for School 62

Important Points to Consider 63

Chapter 5 The School Years 65

Getting Along with Others 66

Girls and School Culture 68

Why Girls Excel… or Fail 69

Mindset Matters 70

Perfectionism Is Overrated 71

Extracurricular Activities 72

Important Points to Consider 74

Chapter 6 Education and Achievement 75

Building Excitement for Learning 76

Help with Homework 80

Connecting with Teachers and Coaches 83

After-School Tutoring 84

Math and Science Matter 86

Great Grades Grow Great Careers 87

Important Points to Consider 88

Chapter 7 Peer Relationships 91

The Mean-Girls Phenomenon 92

Finding Positive Friends 97

Tricky Cliques 100

Unsafe Friends 101

Brand-Name Pressures 103

Bullying: Victim or Victimizer? 103

Important Points to Consider 106

Chapter 8 Understanding Your Tween 109

Puberty and Menstruation 110

Blossoming Sexuality and Crushes 112

Hormones and Mood Swings 115

Rebellion and Secrets 117

Getting Your Daughter to Talk 118

Important Points to Consider 120

Chapter 9 The World of the Teenage Girl 121

Teaching Her Media Smarts 122

Internet Safety Basics for Teens 124

Music Mania and Hollywood 127

Real Life versus Reel Life 128

Encouraging Healthy Relationships 129

Handling the Teenage Years with Grace 130

Important Points to Consider 130

Chapter 10 Father-Daughter Relationships 133

One-on-One Time with Dad 134

Reconfigured Father Figure 136

Self-Esteem Building via Dad 137

Role Modeling: Your Daughter's Boyfriends 139

Sharing Your Daughter's Passions 141

Inspiring Her to Aim High 143

Making Girls Strong Willed 145

Important Points to Consider 145

Chapter 11 Mother-Daughter Relationships 147

Clashes and Challenges 148

Keeping Communication Open 149

A Friend or a Mother? 151

Why Nothing Moms Do Is Right 152

Being Cool with Your Daughter 154

Bonding Activities 155

Important Points to Consider 158

Chapter 12 Self-Esteem 161

Images of Women and the Media 162

Am I Pretty? 165

Popularity 167

Fads and Trends 168

Clothing, Style, and Makeup 169

Current Culture 170

Important Points to Consider 171

Chapter 13 Dangers and Warning Signs 173

Drinking, Smoking, and Drugs 174

Abusive Boys 181

Safe Strategies for Temptations 181

Your Girl's Privacy versus Her Safety 183

Failing Grades and Cutting School 184

Internet Red Flags 185

Important Points to Consider 187

Chapter 14 Health and Well-Being 189

Her First Visit to the Gynecologist 190

Girls and Depression 193

Suicide Warning Signs 197

Anorexia, Bulimia, and Other Eating Disorders 200

Self-Mutilation and Intervention 202

Runaway Signals 203

Important Points to Consider 204

Chapter 15 Your Daughter and Sexuality 207

Teaching Your Daughter about Sex 208

Promiscuity 213

"Hooking Up" versus a Relationship 214

Teach Your Daughter to Say No 215

Your Daughter Is Attracted to Other Girls 216

Important Points to Consider 217

Chapter 16 From Girl to Woman 219

Your Daughter As a Young Woman 220

Competing in the World 220

Mentoring Your Daughter-Friend 224

Empty Nest Equals Wider Circle 225

Enjoy Your "Masterpiece" 227

Celebrate New Traditions 228

Celebrating Your Parenting Journey 228

Appendix A Bibliography 231

Appendix B Additional Resources 233

Index 235

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