The Craft of Lymmyng and The Maner of Steynyng: Middle English Recipes for Painters, Stainers, Scribes, and Illuminators

The Craft of Lymmyng and The Maner of Steynyng: Middle English Recipes for Painters, Stainers, Scribes, and Illuminators

by Mark Clarke (Editor)


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This volume contains a collection of new editions of all the known fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Middle English technical recipes for painters, strainers, scribes, illuminators, and dyers, written c. 1300-1500. Most are previously unpublished and many are previously unknown. The collection contains 125 sets of recipes (around 1500 individual recipes), taken from 95 manuscripts, and forms the largest published corpus of such recipes in any language.
These anonymous craft recipes describe the preparation of materials, outline their uses, advise on decorative effects, and confide tricks of the trade. In addition to recipes for conventional painting and illuminating are a number for "staining" (figurative painting on cloth) which provide the only practical information on this one widely-practiced, but now lost, English medium. The editor also identifies for the first time the earliest surviving recipes for block printing on textiles. The recipes are professional in origin, but were subsequently taken over by amateurs and encyclopaedists. Household recipes for coloring wax, fishing lines, hair, and food complete the collection.
Most of the texts were originally composed in English; few are translated from pre-existing material. They are a valuable record of Middle English technical vocabulary, much of it previously unrecorded. The collection should appeal to a wide range of disciplines: students of medieval English, medieval historians, historians of fine art, and professional conservators, including those engaged in museum studies.

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ISBN-13: 9780198789086
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 12/20/2016
Pages: 375
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 5.80(h) x 1.80(d)

About the Author

Mark Clarke is Associate Professor of Technical Art History in the Department of Conservation and Restoration, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He is an interdisciplinary researcher into historic artists' materials and has a background in conservation and conservation science.

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Trinity Encyclopaedist
The Trinity Encyclopaedist
Part 2: Typical Collections
Limning A
1. Early (mid-s.XV) How tou schalt temper ti colourus to lymninge, and how tou schal make a syse to kowche golt on bokus.
2. Late (late s.XV-early s.XVI) Here begynnythe the crafte of lymmyng. Fyrtse howe thow shalte temper al thy colors to lymme with bokes, and how tu shalte make a syse to cowche gold or syluer.
Limning B
1. The makyng of colours for to lymne with bokys.
2. The crafte of lymnynge of bokys, with To dy selke.
Staining A
Te maner of steynyng of lynne clot, with Watres for steynours.
Staining B
Steyning and te maner of doyng.
Limning C and Staining C
A tretys tat tochith to make diuerse ynkes and diuerse waterys to coloure whyth.
Part 3: Individual manuscripts
Larger collections
Remainders of Part 1 and Part 2 MSS
Smaller collections
Isolated ink recipes
Part 4: Exceptional items
Unusual recipes
Secretum philosophorum analogues
Ciphered recipes
Dyes for fishing lines
Cookery colours from BL Sloane 122
Extracts from Albertus Magnus Mirror of Light
The sixteenth century: an overview
Impossible recipes
Extracts from Secretum philosophorum
Extracts from De coloribus et mixtionibius

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