The Dark Side of Catholicism

The Dark Side of Catholicism

by Armando Ang


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The book you are about to read is a compilation from many sources. It is not an indictment of Catholics as individuals but on the role of the papacy down through the ages as she (mis)guided the faithful deliberately or unknowingly in the path of (un)righteousness. As one living in a predominantly Catholic country, most of my friends and acquaintances are Catholics and many of them are ignorant of the unbiblical practices being taught by the magisterium. The fear imposed upon the faithful regarding conversation with other groups of
Christians and the reading of books written by them makes it almost impossible reach them. Behind the many traditional practices are untold stories of lies and deceits whose only purpose was to lead the faithful astray.
Salvation is given to those who trust in the saving grace of God through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior when He died on the cross to save us from our sins. It is not by joining a church as Roman
Catholic Church and other churches have taught. Many Catholics are not aware that they are being fed with beliefs and practices unsanctioned by God. Some of them are just plain heresy that could easily sway the undiscerning faithful as they follow unquestionably the teachings imposed on them.
Many Catholics given an opportunity to hear the gospel preached by orthodox Protestants find new understanding and often turn away from the
Catholic faith. The Bible contains everything necessary to save souls without going through rituals as imposed by the Church. The Church even goes on to add new doctrines that are contrary to the Bible. The faithful are taught other elaborate ways which they need to do to gain salvation contrary to the simple truth taught by Jesus.
Most Catholics have no idea of how their religion has slowly developed from true orthodox Christianity based on the Bible into a religion that has some resemblance to the Bible teachings yet on closer study turns out to be quite different. This is because the Bible, especially the New Testament,
had been deliberately distorted, extended, omitted, perverted, twisted and/or misinterpreted to make them mean whatever the Pope wants them to mean. She also refuses to accept and mend her ways in the light of a better understanding of the Bible. By proclaiming herself infallible, she puts herself into a bind that she cannot get out of. Now she is forced to continue the charade unmindful of the effects on the souls of the faithful. In all regions where she predominates,
as she did during the Middle Ages, she is able to impose her will not only on her own faithful, but also on all others that refuse to adhere to her teachings.
The Church is intolerant of anyone writing about her history and wrongdoings.
History has shown that she will through great lengths to suppress anything that remotely resembles anything written against her. Even in tbis age of openness and free information, she finds it difficult to be enlightened to allow all views especially on the very important matter of individual salvation.

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