The Death of the Promise: Searching for the Keys to the Kingdom Finding Three Days of Grace

The Death of the Promise: Searching for the Keys to the Kingdom Finding Three Days of Grace

by Thomas Sheets


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This book is a continuation of my first effort, The Road to Restoration. As I continued to write, God led me to an understanding of Paul's conversion that made this whole project worthwhile. As a Pharisee, Paul came to his encounter with the risen Christ with a saved mind-set that was sacred to him, as it was to all Pharisees. Years later, Paul writes in Romans and Galatians about being a child of the promise of salvation. His conversion was therefore from believing he was saved, possessing salvation, to being possessed by the hope and promise of salvation and looking forward to that moment of reward, resurrection and the fulfilment of the promise God made to Abraham - at Christ's Second Coming.

I never had a sense of having been saved, so It was easy for me to see myself, like Paul, living in the light of the hope and promise of salvation. It was also easy to see the people around me, with their sacred saved mind-set, being in the same darkness Paul was in before his encounter with Christ. This is the conversion that most in our culture desperately need to have today. Living in the light of the promise of salvation rather than in the darkness of the possession of salvation. Paul details his conversion very vividly in Titus 3:3-7 (read NIV). He also tells us that this is the foundation of his faith in Titus 1:2 (NIV prior to 2011).

I hope as you read you will see how this evolved in my head as I did not know the end at the beginning. I did not work from an outline and only wrote as I was being led by the Spirit.

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