The Death Penalty from an African Perspective: Views from Zimbabwean and Nigerian Philosophers

The Death Penalty from an African Perspective: Views from Zimbabwean and Nigerian Philosophers


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This book is about an African philosophical examination of the death penalty debate. In a 21st century world where the notion of human right is primed, this book considers the question of the death penalty in two sub-Saharan African countries namely, Zimbabwe and Nigeria, notorious for their poor human right records. This edited collection comprises of 11 essays from Zimbabwean and Nigerian philosophers. As opinions continue to divide over the retention or abolition of the death penalty, these African philosophers attempt to localise this debate by raising the following questions: What is the meaning of life in the African place? Is it proper to take the human life under any guise at all? Who has the right to take the human life? Can the death penalty be justified on the bases of African cultures? Why should it be abolished? Why should it be retained? Indeed, this book is the first of its kind to engage the tumultuous issue of capital punishment in the postcolonial Africa and from the African philosophical point of view.

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ISBN-13: 9781622734795
Publisher: Vernon Art and Science
Publication date: 04/17/2019
Series: Series in Philosophy
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.53(d)

About the Author

Fainos Mangena Ph.D, is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Zimbabwe. His areas of research interest include Environmental Ethics, African jurisprudence, Ethics and Culture, Gender and Politics.

Jonathan O. Chimakonam Ph.D, is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Calabar, Nigeria and a Research Fellow at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. His teaching and research interests include: African Philosophy, Logic, African jurisprudence, Environmental Ethics, Postcolonial thought.

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Introduction Africanizing the Death Penalty Discourse: Philosophical views from Zimbabwe and Nigeria

Fainos Mangena

Chapter 1 The Death Penalty and the Sacro-Sanctity of Life: Perspectives in Igbo Ethics

Chukwuka Christian Emedolu

Chapter 2 Ndubuisi: An Igbo-African Understanding of the Value of Human Life and its Implications for the Death Penalty Question

Uduma Oji Uduma, Victor C. A. Nweke

Chapter 3 The Death Penalty from an Igbo Cultural Perspective: a Nigerian Case Study

Christopher Agulanna

Chapter 4 The Death Penalty Debate in Contemporary Context: The Yoruba (African) Integrative Notion to the Rescue

Adebayo A. Aina

Chapter 5 Current Debates on the Death Penalty in Zimbabwe: A Philosophical Appraisal of Views from Critical Stakeholders

Fainos Mangena, Francis Machingura

Chapter 6 An Interrogation of Capital Punishment in Nigeria’s Penal System: Towards a Freedom Theory of Punishment in African Philosophy

Jonathan O. Chimakonam

Chapter 7 The Western and African Underpinnings of the Death Penalty: A Comparative Analysis

Clive Tendai Zimunya, Joyline Gwara, Isaiah Munyiswa

Chapter 8 Amplifying the Anti-Death Penalty Discourse in Zimbabwe: Lessons from Chivanhu Justice

Ngoni Makuvaza

Chapter 9 Interrogating the Death Penalty Discourse and its Hidden Dynamics in an African Context

Tarisayi Andrea Chimuka

Chapter 10 Gender and the Death Penalty Law in Zimbabwe: An Exploratory Essay

Chipo M Hatendi, Tatenda Mataka, Benjamin Gweru

Chapter 11 The Death Penalty in the Context of Xenophobia in South Africa, 2008 and 2015

Alex Munyonga

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