Deep Lake Mystery

Deep Lake Mystery

by Carolyn Wells

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As I look back on my life, eventful enough in spots, but placid, even monotonous in the long stretches between

spots, I think the greatest thrill I ever experienced was when I saw the dead body of Sampson Tracy.

Imagine to yourself a man, dead in his own bed, with no sign of violence or maltreatment. Eyes partly closed, as

he might be peacefully thinking, and no expression of fear or horror on his calm face.

Now add to your mental picture the fact that he had round his brow a few flowers arranged as a wreath. More

flowers diagonally across his breast, like a garland. Clasped in his right hand, against his heart, an ivory

crucifix, and in his left hand an orange.

Sticking up from behind his head showed the plume of a red feather duster!

And draped round all this, like a frame, was a red chiffon scarf, a filmy but voluminous affair, deftly tucked in

here and there, and encircling all the strange and bizarre details I have enumerated.

On a pillow, near the dead face, lay two small crackers and a clean, folded handkerchief.

As I stared, my imagination flew to the Indians or the ancient Egyptians, who provided their dead with food and

toilet implements, which were buried with them.

But in this case--

I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who said: "If you have a story to tell, begin at the beginning, go through with

the tale, and leave off at the ending." So, as I most assuredly have a story to tell, I will begin at the

beginning and follow the prescribed directions.

It all began, I suppose, the night Keeley Moore came to see me about fishing tackle. Kee is a wonderful detective

and all that, but when it comes to fishing he's mighty glad to ask my advice.

And Lord knows I'm glad to give it to him.

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About the Author

Carolyn Wells was an American author and poet. Born in Rahway, New Jersey, she was the daughter of William E. and

Anna Wells. She died at the Flower-Fifth Avenue Hospital in New York City in 1942.

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