The Dingo Took Over My Life: A Lawyer's Journey

The Dingo Took Over My Life: A Lawyer's Journey

by Stuart Tipple, Malcolm Brown


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From the #1 True Crime podcast in Australia, 'A Perfect Storm'.

The Dingo Took Over My Life is a true story, told by the Chamberlain’s lawyer, Stuart Tipple, who led their fight for justice and exoneration. This story has become part of the fabric of Australian Culture and is still its high water mark of injustice.

After raising the cry, “The dingo’s got my baby!", Lindy Chamberlain was imprisoned for life with hard labour and had her baby, born in prison, taken from her. Following the accumulation of fresh scientific evidence which destroyed the prosecution case and confirmed her story, Lindy was released, after serving 3 years in prison and exonerated.

This book shares that journey.

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ISBN-13: 9781922355089
Publisher: Tablo Pty Ltd
Publication date: 12/04/2019
Pages: 282
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Stuart Tipple is an attorney, notary public and author. He represented the Michael and Lindy Chamberlain after they were accused of murdering their 10 week old baby Azaria which included the various inquests, trial and subsequent appeals. After the High Court Appeal was lost, Stuart oversaw a media campaign which set up the Chamberlain Innocence Committee made up of prominent Australians calling for a Royal Commission; engaged scientists to conduct further tests which eventually destroyed the Crown case; and successfully applied for the establishment of a Royal Commission. Following the Royal Commission, the Chamberlains were pardoned, compensated and later acquitted. This case is regarded as Australia's worst miscarriage of justice and widely reported around the world as "The Dingo Case" and portrayed in a movie starring Meryl Streep and Sam Neil.

'Stuart has made a significant contribution not only to the local community, but also to the legal profession and the administration of justice in Australia and indeed the world,' - The President of the NSW Law Society

Malcolm Brown started out as a cadet journalist on the Daily Liberal, Dubbo, then joined the Sydney Morning Herald in 1972. He remained a reporter on the Sydney Morning Herald for 40 years. Malcolm Served as a general reporter, court reporter, police reporter and correspondent in Newcastle, Brisbane and London. His international assignments of note included the New Zealand Springbok tour in 1981, the Gulf War in 1991 and three coups in Fiji in 1987, 2000 and 2006. The major story of Malcolm's career was the Azaria Chamberlain case, which he covered from 1980, through to the end of his career in 2012.

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