The Doctor Is In!

The Doctor Is In!

by Piano RedPiano Red

CD(Box Set)

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This four-CD set, containing 122 songs (23 of them previously unreleased) cut between 1950 and 1966 for RCA, Groove, Okeh, and Columbia is, literally, the best of Piano Red, and may be the best box in the entire Bear Family catalog. This is about as good as piano blues and R&B got, and also some of the best piano-based rock & roll you'll ever hear -- rivaling anything that Jerry Lee Lewis or Little Richard ever cut -- with barely a second-rate track. Even the multiple versions of his signature tune, "Right String but the Wrong Yo-Yo," are welcomed, from its lean, mean piano-bass-drums original 1950 version, to the live 1955 rendition and the broader 1961 remake (at the "Mr. Moonlight" session), because they're each different enough to justify their presence. And, yet, the most amazing thing about the 16 years covered on these four discs is the consistency of the music and performances -- Red hardly changed at all until the early '60s, always giving his audience a good show whether he was making records or playing live. The second and third discs are arguably the best parts of the set, with Red at the peak of his prowess as a pianist and singer. He made the jump into rock & roll more easily than most bluesmen of his age, with the result that his music from this period is as solid as anything else he ever did. Still later, on the fourth disc, once he moves into a more produced, pop-oriented R&B sound, he holds up almost as well. The sound is excellent, the notes are thorough, and the $100 list price of this 122-song set makes it proportionately more attractive than any $15/15-song best-of on Red that might ever show up (and there isn't one).

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Release Date: 06/28/1994
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127156853
catalogNumber: 15685
Rank: 137277


Disc 1

  1. Jumpin' the Boogie
  2. Rockin' With Red
  3. Let's Have a Good Time Tonight
  4. Red's Boogie
  5. Right String But the Wrong Yo Yo
  6. My Gal Jo
  7. Baby, What's Wrong
  8. Well, Well Baby
  9. Just Right Bounce
  10. Diggin' the Boogie
  11. Layin' the Boogie
  12. Bouncin' With Red
  13. It Makes No Difference Now
  14. Hey, Good Lookin'
  15. Count the Days I'm Gone
  16. My Boogie
  17. The Sales Tax Boogie
  18. Voo Doopee Doo
  19. Daybreak
  20. She Walks Right In
  21. I'm Gonna Tell Everybody
  22. I'm Gonna Rock Some More
  23. She's Dynamite
  24. Everybody's Boogie
  25. Your Mouth's Got a Hole in It
  26. Right and Ready
  27. Taxi, Taxi
  28. Decatur Street Boogie
  29. Sober
  30. She Knocks Me Out
  31. Goin' Away Baby
  32. Chitlin' Hop

Disc 2

  1. Decatur Street Blues
  2. I Ain't Fattening Frogs for Snakes
  3. Big Rock Joe from Kokomo
  4. Pay It No Mind
  5. Jump Man Jump
  6. Do She Love Me
  7. She Knocks Me Out
  8. Peachtree Parade
  9. Red's Blues
  10. Six O'Clock Bounce
  11. Jumpin' With Daddy
  12. Gordy's Rock
  13. Real Good Thing
  14. Goodbye
  15. Please Tell Me Baby
  16. You Were Mine for Awhile
  17. Sweetest Little Something in the World (Ol' Man River)
  18. Since I Fell for You
  19. Woo-Ee
  20. Rock Baby
  21. Teach Me to Forget
  22. Wild Fire
  23. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
  24. South
  25. Coo Cha
  26. Dixie Roll
  27. Boston Scored
  28. One Glimpse of Heaven
  29. Blues Blues
  30. Work With It
  31. Eighter from Decatur
  32. Please Come Back Home
  33. Comin' On

Disc 3

  1. Ain't Nobody's Fool
  2. Right String But the Wrong Yo Yo
  3. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
  4. Umph-Umph-Umph
  5. Got You on My Mind
  6. It's Time to Boogie
  7. That's My Desire
  8. Teen-Age Bounce
  9. Pay It No Mind
  10. Hey, Good Lookin'
  11. I Ain't Fattening Frogs for Snakes
  12. Rockin' With Red
  13. Get Up Mare
  14. 1, 2, 3
  15. My Baby
  16. Rock and Roll Boogie
  17. Nightime
  18. So Worried
  19. Blues, Blues
  20. [Studio Chatter]
  21. Boogie Re-Bop
  22. This Old World
  23. I Feel Good
  24. Talk to Me
  25. Believe in Me
  26. Guitar Walk
  27. I've Been Rockin'
  28. Rockin' With Red
  29. So Shook Up

Disc 4

  1. Doctor Feel-Good
  2. Mister Moonlight
  3. The Swabble
  4. Right String But the Wrong Yo Yo
  5. I'll Be Home One Day
  6. Sea Breeze
  7. I Ain't Gonna Be a Lowdown Dog No More
  8. Don't Let Me Catch You Wrong
  9. What's Up Doc
  10. I'll Give Anything
  11. Love Is Amazing
  12. Bald-Headed Lena
  13. I Feel Good
  14. It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
  15. The Same Old Things Keep Happening
  16. Let's Have a Good Time Tonight
  17. My Gal Jo
  18. Blang Dong
  19. I Don't Mind
  20. I'm Gonna Rock Some More
  21. The Doctor's Boogie
  22. Let the House Rock On
  23. Doctor of Love
  24. It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
  25. Good Guys
  26. Goodbye (I Can't Forget)
  27. Don't Tell Me No Dirty
  28. Where Did You Go

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Piano Red   Primary Artist,Piano,Leader,Vocals
Willie Dixon   Bass
George Adams   Guitar
Elliot Lawrence   Piano
Mary Osborne   Guitar
Sears   Saxophone
Grady Martin   Organ
Curt Smith   Guitar,Vocals
J. Williams   Drums
Clifton Best   Guitar
Marion Booker   Drums
Kenny Burrell   Guitar
William Green   Drums
Rene Hall   Guitar
Winard Harper   Drums
Milt Hinton   Bass
James Jackson   Drums
Wesley Jackson   Guitar
Albert Johnson   Saxophone
Gus Johnson   Drums
Osie Johnson   Drums
L. Johnson   Alto Saxophone
Roy Lee Johnson   Guitar
Leroy Kirkland   Leader
Alonzo Buddy Lucas   Saxophone
Carl Lynch   Guitar
Clyde Lynn   Tenor Saxophone
William Mays   Trumpet
George Miller   Bass
Charlie O'Kane   Saxophone
John Peek   Trumpet
Boots Randolph   Saxophone
Russ Saunders   Bass
Ben Smith   Baritone Saxophone
Charlie Smith   Drums
Christine Spencer   Vocals
George Tidwell   Trumpet
Albert White   Saxophone
Marty Wilson   Drums
Four Students   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Bobby Lee Tuggle   Drums
Daniel W. Andrews   Vocals
Bertha Colbert   Vocals
Doles Dickens   Bass
William A. Glover   Vocals
Andrew L. Goodrich   Saxophone
F.M. Hawkins   Drums
Howard "Long John" Hobbs   Bass
Charles Holloway   Bass
D. Hudson   Saxophone
William J. Jones   Bass
L. Lawson   Drums
Tommy LeGon   Bass
March Maxey   Drums
Bobby McCrary   Bass
Rudolph B. Moore   Guitar
Horace Prayor   Saxophone
Edward Small   Bass
Beverly "Guitar" Watkins   Guitar
Samuel M. Williams   Vocals
Charles Edward Smith   Drums
J. Allen Williams   Drums
Johnny Williams & His Orchestra   Saxophone
Eddie Thomas   Guitar
Freddy Taylor   Saxophone
Leroy Tukes   Guitar

Technical Credits

Chet Atkins   Producer
Frank Jones   Producer
Don Law   Producer
Brad McCuen   Producer
Andy McKaie   Tape Research
Bob Rolontz   Producer
Steve Sholes   Producer
Billy Vera   Illustrations
Hank Williams   Composer
Danny Kessler   Producer
H.R. Clark   Producer
Doles Dickens   Contributor
Norbert Hess   Liner Notes,Illustrations,Biographical Information
Galen Gart   Illustrations
Mike Rowe   Illustrations
Bruce Hailstalk   Tape Research
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer,Tape Research
Joe Thomas   Producer
Gerd Weiler   Artwork
Gilles Petard   Illustrations
J. Karen Thomas   Producer
Victor Pearlin   Illustrations
Sylke Lohmeyer   Artwork
Leroy Tukes   Composer
Willie Perryman   Composer

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