The Elijah Trilogy Book Two: Fall From Grace

The Elijah Trilogy Book Two: Fall From Grace

by Graham Anderson


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When Elijah Hocking's life is changed forever by the brutal murder of his first wife on their remote estancia, he decides the only way ahead in the world is to use and manipulate others, by force if necessary.
Fall from Grace, the second book in The Elijah Trilogy, follows Elijah's relentless climb to power as he returns to the United States to live. With the help of his lawyer and business partner Jorge and with his child-hood mate Johnny as his minder, he sets about building his empire. Along the way he mixes with a diverse phalanx of characters such as Joseph Kennedy, Franklin D Roosevelt, Cordell Hull, Hermann Göring and Folke Bernadotte amongst others.
While trading with the Nazis in World War Two he simultaneously assists Jewish refugees to escape from Germany. He purchases looted art works, whilst carrying out espionage on behalf of the Americans. But in the fifties, he falls foul of J Edgar Hoover. The FBI Director combines forces with Senator McCarthy's vendetta against supposed U.S. enemies. His affair with Australian born Maureen Baverstock is publicly exposed leaving his marriage to Nancy in tatters. As friends and colleagues dessert him, and facing a possible summons forcing him to testify about his wartime activities before McCarthy's Senate hearings, Elijah elects to leave America in virtual exile.
Twice widowed, it seems Elijah is incapable of forming lasting relationships with the women in his life - the beautiful Agnota, the manipulative Kyra, the sophisticated Sophia or Nancy who helped solve the mystery of his parents.
And then there's his children...

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ISBN-13: 9780987381910
Publisher: Anderson Communications Pty Limited
Publication date: 06/04/2013
Pages: 316
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About the Author

Graham Anderson was born in New Zealand. At the age of eight, he was left with a family he'd never met while his parents moved to a remote island in the central Pacific. After rebelling and running away several times he was finally shipped off to join his parents, travelling alone across the Pacific by small 100 ton inter-island trading ship in the days before jet aircraft. He's never stopped travelling since, resulting in him visiting all seven continents.

His business experience includes sitting on a number of boards in both the public and private sectors and as an executive at the highest levels. The Elijah Trilogy, draws extensively on his business background, combined with his many and varied travel experiences and a life-long love of history.

Elijah's Will completes The Elijah Trilogy. The Half-breed Boy (2012) was his first novel followed by Fall From Grace (2013).

Today, Graham lives in Perth, Australia and continues to travel and read history extensively.

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