The Energy Theorems of Structural Analysis

The Energy Theorems of Structural Analysis

by Aamer Haque


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nergy theorems are the foundation for many analytical and numerical methods in structural analysis. Complete proofs of these theorems is rarely found in texts. Consequently, engineers may have little understanding of why they work.This advanced graduate text provides rigorous mathematical proofs of the energy theorems for trusses and frames. Theorems related to the following concepts are included: virtual work, complementary virtual work, total potential energy, and total complementary potential energy. Compatibility and reciprocal theorems are also discussed.The ultimate goal of the book is to derive the force and displacement methods of matrix structural analysis. These derivations are a "top-down" approach which break down the global problem into individual structural members. This is in sharp contrast to the "bottom-up" approach of most matrix structural analysis texts. This approach is less mathematically sophisticated than the "top-down" derivation. Furthermore, many books take a "reinvent the wheel" attitude to solving problems. They treat every problem as having unique features. This book provides general formulas which avoid these difficulties.The book is intended for graduate students in structural engineering. Structural engineers may also benefit by understanding the mathematical foundation of their work.

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ISBN-13: 9781718966369
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Publication date: 08/21/2018
Pages: 280
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About the Author

Aamer Haque has a Ph.D. in Computational Sciences and Informatics. He also has masters degrees in Mathematics, Civil Engineering, and Structural Engineering. His research interests include: solid mechanics, structural mechanics, and applied mathematics.

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