The Essence of Womanhood - re-awakening the authentic feminine

The Essence of Womanhood - re-awakening the authentic feminine

by Susie Heath


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Women - have you forgotten who you are?

Ever wish you had an instruction manual for yourself? Feel there is part of you missing? Spent years battling your way up the ladder in the corporate market or being chauffeur, decorator and general skivvy bringing up your children? Susie Heath's The Essence of Womanhood - re-awakening the authentic feminine is the book you've been waiting for.

Reveal the gorgeous, beautiful, powerful, feminine being you were born to be, and let her out to play! Clear your unconscious limiting beliefs that have prevented you living the life of your dreams. Become an attraction magnet for men in your life. Use your mind and your body in new and exciting ways. Fall in love with both the real inner and outer you. Enjoy every moment of being a real woman however many times you have been round the sun. With many more essential answers about love, life, your body and feeling like a natural woman.

"The author has managed to beautifully combine profound concepts with practical exercises that ensure the leap from intellectual appreciation to a real understanding of what it means to be feminine. Her light and humorous style makes it very easy to read. This is a fabulous book and one I would thoroughly recommend to any woman who wants to really know herself." Kate Mottershead - Hampshire.

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ISBN-13: 9781905823369
Publisher: Panoma Press Limited
Publication date: 04/30/2008
Pages: 308
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

Susie Heath works with high-achieving executives, particularly in the area of male/female dynamics in the workplace, communication and influence, focusing on stress, and relationship and intimacy issues. A best selling author of several books, she is an international speaker, workshop facilitator, coach, therapist and mentor working with women in the workplace, entrepreneurs and executives. She has run workshops for Women in Banking and Finance and has worked with high profile film stars, opera singers, pop stars and even royalty.

Table of Contents

The Journey Begins



Who Do You Think You Are?

What Do You Want?


Let Go of What Prevents You from Feeling Peace

Who Are You Really?

The Feminine Experience

Woman Talk

Negative News

Nudges From Life

The Question of Beliefs

Where Do Beliefs Come From?

The Power of Negative Emotions

It’s Your Choice

History and the Power of Myth

I Believe...

Whose Belief is it Anyway?

You’ll See it When You Believe It

The Reticular Activating System

Certificate of Permission

How Do You Look?

Your Life is Listening

"I am...” she said

Recipes and Exercises

How Long Have You Got?

Recipe for Ranting

Queen of the Castle

Recipe for Spring Cleaning Your Mind

Farewell to the Past

17 Seconds Away

Must Not Haves - exercise

The Dance of Transformation - exercise

What Do You Say to Yourself When No-One’s There? - exercise

Learning to Say “No” - exercise

Saying “Yes” to Life - exercise

The Hot-Air Balloon - exercise

Clearing the Clutter - exercise

Empowering Beliefs - exercise

Professional Help

Little Gems


The Act of Creation

The Perfection of You

Beautiful Womanhood

Tired of Fighting Dragons!

Yin /Yang Energy

Polar Opposites

Gender Energy Chart 92 What Men Want

Designed To Be Different

Yang Dance - exercise

Relight Your Fire

Yin Dance - exercise

Our Inner Female

Letting Your Yin Speak - exercise

Integration of Yin and Yang - exercise

The Female Yang – The Female Yin

Where is Your Energy? - exercise

Conception of Thought

Creating Your Own Reality

Thinking of Good Vibrations

Taking Command of Your Thoughts

Mind What You Are Thinking About

How to De-activate Negative Thoughts

Tracking Your Thoughts - exercise

Our Extraordinary Mind

Easy as ABC

What Do You Really, Really, Really Want?

Your Must Haves

Dream a Little Dream

Return to Sender - exercise

Who is Wrecking Your Life?

Show Me Your Friends and I’ll Tell You Who You Are!

Your Satellite Navigation System

Little Gems

What are Your Rules of Life?

How You Look at the World

Vision and Purpose

Your Life Purpose - exercise

Gratitude Journal - exercise


Falling In Love Again

Your Beautiful Woman’s Body

The Body Beautiful

The Pharmacy Within

Girls Must Be Girls!

Look like a Natural Woman

Dress like a Natural Woman

Behave like a Natural Woman

Move like a Natural Woman

Feel Like a Natural Woman

Own Your Own Body

Speak like a Natural Woman

Touch like a Natural Woman

Weep like a Natural Woman

Love like a Natural Woman

Smell like a Natural Woman

Menstruation – Blessing or Curse?

Our Beautiful Breasts

Massaging Your Breasts - exercise

Following Your Feminine Heart

Health and Vitality


Nourishing Your Female Body

What’s Draining You?

Sugar and Spice and All things Nice

Water of Life

Time for Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Sunlight and Moonshine

Listen to the Rhythm

Creating Your Perfect Environment

Words of Wellness

Your Life Listens to Every Word You Say

The Poetry of Life

Aligning Your Feminine Energy

What Are Your Values? - exercise

Creating Incantations

Starting With the Woman in the Mirror - exercise

Doing it With Love - exercise

Love the One You’re With

Gratitude to Your Body - exercise

Inner Smile - exercise

Belly Dance - exercise

How Do You Treat Yourself When You Are Alone?

The Golden Rule - exercise

Caressing Your Hands - exercise 199 Your Best Friend - exercise

A Nurturing Daily Routine

Labour of Love

The Birthing Process

Stop Sweating the Hard Stuff

Labour Pains

Becoming Effortless

The Breath of Life - exercise

Every Body Knows

Opening To Receive

The Language of Receiving – exercise

Ask and You Shall Receive

Awakening Instinct

Living Life as a Miracle

Become a Flow-er

And Relax!

Opening to Change – relaxation exercise

On a Clear Day

Letting Go


The Music in Me

The Four Elements 228 Earth Dance - exercise.

Air Dance - exercise

Fire Dance - exercise

Dance of Water - exercise

Creating a Pink Vision - exercise

Taking Inspired Action

Your Life is Calling You


The Universe is Waiting – Anticipating!

Taking the Risk

If You Don’t Take Charge of Your Life, Someone Else Will!

A New Dimension

Feeling Fully Alive

Giving Birth to Yourself

The Genie Within

Falling in Love with Your Essence

You Are the Promise

The Eternal Present

Being in the Now – exercise

Asking Powerful Questions

Recipe for a Wonderful Life

Play Time – Creating Dream-boards – exercise

Cutting the Cord

Navel Gazing

The Forgiveness Process

How Far Have You Travelled?

Cutting the Cords That Bind Us

A New Life, A New You

Music for the Exercises

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