The Expansion of England: Race, Ethnicity and Cultural History

The Expansion of England: Race, Ethnicity and Cultural History

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The organized study of history began in Britain when the Empire was at its height. Belief in the destiny of imperial England profoundly shaped the imagination of the first generation of professional historians. But with the Empire ended, do these mental habits still haunt historical explanation?
Drawing on postcolonial theory in a lively mix of historical and theoretical chapters, The Expansion of England explores the history of the British Empire and the practice of historical enquiry itself. There are essays on Asia, Australasia, the West Indies, South Africa and Britain. Examining the sexual, racial and ethnic identities shaping the experiences of English men and women in the nineteenth century, the authors argue that habits of thought forged in the Empire still give meaning to English identities today.

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ISBN-13: 9780415060264
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 03/06/1996
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 272
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction. The expansion and contraction of England Bill Schwarz 2. Conquerors of truth.Reflections on postcolonial theory Bill Schwarz 3.History lessons,formation of subjects,(post)-colonialism,and another project Couze Venn 4. History and poststructuralism: Hayden

White and Frederic Jameson Bob Chase 5. Walter Scott: a new historical paradigm Bob Chase 6. Imperial man: Edward Eyre in Australasia and the West Indies, 1833-66 Catherine Hall 7.`Under the hatches': English parliamentary commissioners' views of the people and language of

mid-nineteenth century Wales Gwyneth Roberts 8. Fertile land,romantic spaces, uncivilized peoples.English travel-writing about the Cape of Good Hope,1800-1850 Kenneth Parker 9.Foreign devils and moral panics.Britain,Asia and the opium trade Andrew Blake Index

on trial by these colonial texts from Wales, from West Indies, China and the Xhosa nation. Arguing for a revisionary historiography, this book turns the archives into a place of critical adventure (Homi Bhabha, University of Chicago)

shifting and conflicting perspectives that were at the heart of the colonising project itself. British social history has often been written in isolation from the shaping experiences of empire and racial difference. There is now less excuse for that omission (Robert Gray, University of


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