The First Steps to Starting Your New Business from Nothing

The First Steps to Starting Your New Business from Nothing

by Zane Rozzi




Zane Rozzi strongly believes those who have found success must give back to their communities. One of Zane's favourite ways to give back is to provide workshops for groups of college students looking to become entrepreneurs. He believes it's important to help young entrepreneurs who wouldn't otherwise have access to the real life usable information they really need - not just university business theories with little value in real world application to a brand new small business. Zane Rozzi has now published the information from these workshops into books to make this information available to a wider audience.Zane Rozzi is also well-known for running a very popular YouTube channel featuring compilations of the very best quotes from the greatest minds and most successful people in history, book summaries, and other motivational, educational, and inspirational content from business leaders, world leaders, and thought leaders.The primary focus of this course is how to get the different elements of your dream business up and running either for free or for the absolute minimum cost. This course is designed specifically for people who have to start their dream business with next to nothing in savings; as is typically the case for most young entrepreneurs. No matter what you have right now, you don't need to wait. Start living your dream today.You know you're destined for more than working for someone else. You're way too ambitious to spend your days making a profit for other people. You're also way too creative to be constrained by the rules and policies of other companies. You know you're meant to be an entrepreneur. But, you have very little savings to invest in starting your own business. The How to Start a Business from Nothing Course will help you start your dream business with very limited savings.The How to Start a Business from Nothing Course is delivered in short high-impact modules. Each module covers a specific aspect of starting a new business with very little start-up capital. You should be able to finish each module in under an hour and begin applying the new skills and advice you've learned immediately after you've finished reading.You are less than one hour away from being able to apply the skills and advice you'll learn in this module.You are NOT one of those people who keeps saying 'tomorrow' and never accomplishes anything worthwhile throughout the course of their life. Cowards live in 'tomorrow.' You take action today. You get the life you want. Start today. Start right now.Please open the preview and refer to the table of contents to browse the specific skills you'll learn in this module. You are less than one hour away from being able to apply these skills.

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Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/27/2018
Series: How to Start a Business from Nothing , #1
Pages: 90
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