The Ghosts of Chippeny Hill: Myths, Legends, Ghosts, Indians, Witches and Orbs from the Old Chippeny Hill Area

The Ghosts of Chippeny Hill: Myths, Legends, Ghosts, Indians, Witches and Orbs from the Old Chippeny Hill Area

by Judith M. Giguere


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Chippeny Hill, located in the northeast corner of Bristol (then New Cambridge), Harwinton and Plymouth has long been known as the home of Tories. Tories in Revolutionary War times were those that remained loyal to England, or were perhaps just fond of the Anglican Church. The Puritans were a stern bunch and those of the Church of England had songs to share, Christmas trees, feasts and presents. Rev. Newell of the First Congregational Church of New Cambridge said such things were of the devil.
After the French and Indian War, England needed to replenish its sorely depleted treasury. England felt that since much of its expenditure was to protect the American colonies from French incursion, it only seemed right that the colonies should pay their share. The American colonies did not agree and the beginnings of the Revolutionary War struggles began. Those loyal to England gathered on Chippeny Hill. Their stories are today's legends, ghosts and myths—the very fabric of early Connecticut.

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ISBN-13: 9781634990400
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Publication date: 01/15/2018
Pages: 96
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About the Author

Judith M. Giguere was born and raised in Terryville, Connecticut. She holds two Associate degrees from Tunxis Community College and a Bachelor in Science in History from Charter Oak State College. She is the author of historic articles on the Town of Plymouth Municipal website and is currently the official Plymouth Town Historian. She is the author of Plymouth Revisited published by Arcadia Publishing. Judy is also a nationally recognized artist specializing in Chinese Brushwork. Her book on Chinese art was released in 2017.

Table of Contents

The Legend of Chippeny Hill 9

Monument to the Tunxis Indians 11

Compounce's Iron Kettle 13

The White Wolf of Peacedale 14

The Monster of the Marsh 16

The Disappearance of Nehemiah Manross 18

The Meadows of Thomas Hancock 19

Gold in the Holt District 21

The Mystery of John Scott's Disappearance 22

The Mysterious Swamp 24

The Disappearance of the Old Couple's House 27

Of Stones and Bones 29

The Legend of Todd Hollow 32

The Ghost Dog of Town Hill 35

Who Was the Leatherman? 36

Ancient Milestone Marker 38

The Green Lady-Or Not? 39

The Ghosts of Lamson Corners 41

The Mysterious Tale of the Old Lead Mine 43

Trial by Gossip 45

Goody Norton and the Trial by Water 47

Things That Go Bump in the Night 50

The Ascension of Ashael (Well, Maybe) 52

The Spirit Follower of Peck Lane 53

The Forgotten Witch 53

The Pennsylvania Hermit 55

The Old Episcopal Church in New Cambridge 57

Is Tories Den Haunted? 61

The Smallpox Vaccine 65

Captain Wilson and the Sons of Liberty 66

Ruth Graves and the Conch Shell 69

Stephen Graves's Cow 71

The Ghostly Tale of Moses Dunbar's Grave 73

The Determination of Matthias Learning 76

Isaac Shelton, the Unrepentant Tory 77

The Hero and the Villain 79

Early New Cambridge 83

The Paupers of East Church 84

Following the North Star 87

Little Girl Lost 88

The Passage of Time 92

Bibliography 95

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