The Goddess: Myths of the Great Mother

The Goddess: Myths of the Great Mother

by David Leeming, Christopher Fee


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For as long as we have sought god, we have found the goddess. Ruling over the imaginations of humankind’s earliest agricultural civilizations, she played a critical spiritual role as a keeper of nature’s fertile powers and an assurance of the next sustaining harvest. In The Goddess, David Leeming and Christopher Fee take us all the way back into prehistory, tracing the goddess across vast spans of time to tell the epic story of the transformation of belief and what it says about who we are.
Leeming and Fee use the goddess to gaze into the lives and souls of the people who worshipped her. They chart the development of traditional Western gender roles through an understanding of the transformation of concepts of the Goddess from her earliest roots in India and Iran to her more familiar faces in Ireland and Iceland. They examine the subordination of the goddess to the god as human civilizations became mobile and began to look upon masculine deities for assurances of survival in movement and battle. And they show how, despite this history, the goddess has remained alive in our spiritual imaginations, in figures such as the Christian Virgin Mother and, in contemporary times, the new-age resurrection of figures such as Gaia. 
The Goddess explores this central aspect of ancient spiritual thought as a window into human history and the deepest roots of our beliefs. 

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ISBN-13: 9781780235097
Publisher: Reaktion Books, Limited
Publication date: 03/01/2016
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 1,237,870
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About the Author

David Leeming is professor emeritus of English and comparative literature at the University of Connecticut. He is the author of several books, including Myth: A Biography and Medusa: In the Mirror of Time, the latter published by Reaktion Books. Christopher Fee is professor and chair of English at Gettysburg College. He is the author of Mythology in the Middle Ages: Heroic Tales of Monsters, Magic & Might. Together they are coauthors of Gods, Heroes, and Kings: The Battle for Mythic Britain

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Many Guises of the Goddess 7

I The Dawn of the Indian Goddess 13

II The Religious Conversion of the Near Eastern Goddess 37

III The Scourge of the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Goddess 57

IV The Battle Lust of the Northern Goddess 87

V The Seductive Destruction of the Goddess of the Western Isles 119

Conclusion: The Identity of the Goddess 153

Further Reading 156

Acknowledgements 160

Photo Acknowledgements 161

Index 162

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