The Grand Budapest Hotel [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

The Grand Budapest Hotel [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

by Alexandre DesplatAlexandre Desplat


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One of the most traditional soundtracks for a Wes Anderson film, Grand Budapest Hotel's music sidesteps pop songs in favor of pieces that highlight the story's setting. Befitting a caper set at a Central European hotel in the '30s, Alexandre Desplat's score and performances by ensembles including the Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra create a lavish, Old World feel. Budapest's orchestral pieces, which include "Concerto for Lute and Plucked Strings I. Moderato" and "The Linden Tree" are particularly charming, setting a genteel mood echoed by the traditional arrangement of "Moonshine." Meanwhile, Desplat's score feels akin to his twinkly, mischievous music for Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was a caper of another sort. Indeed, this might be one of the twinkliest scores to an Anderson film, which is saying something. However, Desplat gives these sparkles nuance and depth, creating an entire vocabulary from them that spans the dreamy "Mr. Moustafa," "Night Train to Nebelsbad"'s jazzy insistence, the lively wit of "The Society of the Crossed Keys," and the oddly comforting "The War (Zero's Theme)." Most excitingly, the high-stakes nature of a heist film like this one allows Desplat to inject more drama and suspense into Anderson's ultra-stylish world, and at times his pieces echo iconic scores such as Dr. Zhivago and The Third Man. The winding melody that is one of the score's major motifs takes on a sinister cast on "The Family Desgoffe und Taxis" and "J.G. Jopling, Private Inquiry Agent," while "The Lutz Police Militia" and "Last Will and Testament" add some menace -- however stylized -- to the proceedings. As always, the collaboration between Anderson, Desplat, and music supervisor Randall Poster sets the mood perfectly, whether that mood is innocence, mischief, mystery, or beauty.

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Release Date: 03/03/2014
Label: Abkco
UPC: 0018771813026
catalogNumber: 81302
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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alexandre Desplat   Primary Artist
Siegfried Behrend   Conductor
Tristan Fry   Timpani
Mark Nightingale   Brass
Ben Parry   Choir Master
Simon Rayner   Brass
Frank Ricotti   Percussion
Hugh Webb   Harp
Dave Arch   Celeste
London Voices   Choir, Chorus
William Lyons   Recorder
Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
David Fuest   Bass Clarinet
Paul Clarvis   Percussion
Dominic Morgan   Bassoon
Nigel Black   Brass
Anna Noakes   Flute,Recorder
David Pyatt   Brass
Andy Wood   Brass
Nina Robertson   Flute,Recorder
Jon Banks   Zither
Owen Slade   Brass
Jon Carnac   Clarinet
Mark Graham   Conductor
Jocelyn Lightfoot   Alphorn
Rebecca Austen-Brown   Recorder
Martin Robertson   Clarinet
Vitaly Gnutov   Conductor
Karen Jones   Flute,Recorder
Edward Cervenka   Cymbalom
Daniel Jemison   Bassoon
Simon Johnson   Organ
Phillip Eastop   Brass
Terry Edwards   Choir Director
Byron Fulcher   Brass
Ludmila Zykina State Academic Russian National Balalaika Ensemble   Ensemble
D.Z.O. Chamber Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Jill Kemp   Recorder
Saint-Georges Balalaika Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Mike Hext   Brass
Marc Woodhurst   Alphorn
Giani Lincan   Cymbalom
Frances Jones   Alphorn
Dmitry Dmitrienko   Conductor

Technical Credits

Antonio Vivaldi   Composer
Wes Anderson   Producer,Liner Notes
Rupert Coulson   Engineering
Randall Poster   Producer
Simon Rhodes   Engineering
Pavel Kulikov   Composer
Jake Jackson   Engineering
Lewis Jones   Engineering
Olga Fitzroy   Engineering
Alexandre Desplat   Composer,Liner Notes,Orchestration,Whistle
Mark Graham   Arranger,Orchestration
David Hage   Music Librarian
Xavier Forcioli   Score Coordinator
Michael Allen   Marketing Coordinator
Nikolay Osipov   Composer
Florent Berthier   Recording Assistant
Henry Usukumah   Marketing
Werner Roth   Composer
Ruedi Roth   Composer
Barney Pilling   Whistle

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