The Holy Bible: Muslim Objections and Christian Responses!: Confirming the truth in the light of history, reason and inspiration

The Holy Bible: Muslim Objections and Christian Responses!: Confirming the truth in the light of history, reason and inspiration

by Abdul Rub


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Is the Holy Bible a compilation of mere human accounts or is it God's word for mankind given in human languages under divine inspiration?

Is the Holy Bible filled with contradictions and errors or is it only a case of the Bible being misunderstood and misrepresented?

Does the Holy Bible teach irrational doctrines or is it because the Holy Bible is too lofty for the human mind to comprehend?

These are some of the questions that crop up and create barriers between Muslims and Christians when it comes to discussing the Holy Bible.
Christians in general take it for granted that the Holy Bible is God's word to mankind. However, when this fundamental belief of the Christian faith is under attack by Muslims, Christians are either shaken in their faith due to shallow understanding of the Bible or shun away from Muslims unable to adequately answer their questions. Both of these responses damage the Christian witness.
Here in this book Bro. Abdul Rub enumerates and exposes the fallacious assumptions Muslims make about the Holy Bible and expounds on the firm foundations of the Christian faith in the Holy Bible as God's word!

Bro.Abdul Rub has been studying Islam and witnessing to Muslims for the past eighteen years. From the wealth of his personal study and experience he builds his case for the Holy Bible in the face of Muslim attacks. The following are some of the features of this book:

1) The reasons why Christians believe that the Holy Bible is the only true word of God
2) The reasons why Muslims reject the Holy Bible as God's word
3) The problems with Muslim position on the Bible
4) The reasons why Muslims believe the Quran is God's word
5) The reasons why Christians reject the Quran as God's word
6) 75 typical objections and questions Muslims raise against the Bible
7) Simple and relevant answers to the Muslim questions
8) Some appropriate questions to Muslims
9) Some typical dialogues between Muslims and Christians
10) Few exegetical principles to understand the Holy Bible

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ISBN-13: 9781507630198
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/11/2015
Pages: 210
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About the Author

Abdul Rub hails from India. He was saved into the Kingdom of God in 1986 by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Since then he has been a follower and witness of the Lord. He was an active member of UESI (IFES) during his undergraduate studies. He has a Master's Degree in Philosophy from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India and a Master's Degree in Inter-cultural Studies from Wheaton College, IL., USA. In 1997 he joined OM as a response to the call he had received and has been involved in sharing the Christian faith with Muslims and making disciples ever since. Currently he oversees as well as serves the OM's multinational teams that are witnessing and making disciples in four Asian countries.

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