'The Holy Spirit' or 'Power from on High' All Volumes

'The Holy Spirit' or 'Power from on High' All Volumes

by A. B. Simpson


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The entirety of 'The Holy Spirit' by A. B. Simpson is presented here, allowing readers to digest the devotional beauty of the author's reflections from a single, convenient volume.

Using his gifts for expression, his scholarly learning, and the sheer depth of his spiritual beliefs, A. B. Simpson crafted this compelling work. In it, he expounds on the essential beauty of God as manifested in the Holy Spirit, cataloging the appearances of said spirit and explaining the meaning behind each. The many manifestations of the Lord, both overt and subtle, are indicated and discussed by Simpson, whose held extensive knowledge of scripture.

Each chapter of this book begins with a quotation from the Bible. The length of such quotes varies from a single line to long tracts. Simpson explains the presence of God and the Holy Spirit in each of these excerpts, offering insights upon how the Lord manifested to teach or offer guidance to a given person or group. With deft explanations, Simpson shows how each appearance of the Holy Spirit sheds new light on the nature of God, and upon the aspects of character He wished to imbue in His followers.

Simpson proceeds through the Old and New Testaments of the Bible in order. However, he inserts poignant quotes from across the Bible to inform and assert the tales told and points made. From the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation, we receive insight into God's eternal observance of Man. We realize how the ever-present Lord communicates His wishes, and attempts to steer the destiny of those He created toward virtue.

As well as being a fine examination of the Holy Spirit's beneficence and importance across the Old and New Testaments, A. B. Simpson's guide also offers readers a good overview of the history of the Bible. The context of God's appearances lead the author to explain in depth the stories of Moses, Jesus Christ, Elisha and others. This volume is thus a good companion to theological or Bible studies.

Albert Benjamin Simpson was one of Canada's greatest preachers and theologians, with dozens of books to his name. Varying his written output from short inspirational texts to lengthy Biblical commentaries to hymnals, Simpson spent much of his life in God's service.

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