The Horse In The Mirror

The Horse In The Mirror

by Lisa Maxwell

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Isadora Drey, a citizen of the Alliance, a corrupt, totalitarian state, has been raised to do only one job— train the war horses to be ridden into battle by genetically engineered men, called berserkers. Horse and rider never return from these battles. Unable to face losing another one of her beloved horses, Isadora steals her favorite stallion and flees into a wilderness area, the Boundary. Hunted by government Troopers and rogue berserkers called Blueskins, she falls in with a mute man who seems crazy, yet he holds the key to the survival of the last free living people on the planet. But first he must regain his speech. To do that, he must face the Mirror, an Alliance-made monstrosity designed to kill any human or horse who approaches. Isadora, on her stolen war horse, might help John survive his encounter with the Mirror where everyone else has failed.

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BN ID: 2940045734271
Publisher: Lisa Maxwell
Publication date: 03/17/2014
Series: Horse , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 215,119
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About the Author

Lisa lives on a small farm in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina where she teaches riding and trains horses. Lisa has been making up “tall tales,” as her mother called them, since before she could read. She would sit with one of her father’s books on her lap and pretend she was reading. Later, much later in her case, when she could read she would make up alternate endings for books. She was never allowed to watch the ending of her favorite show, The Fugitive, because it was after her bedtime so she would spend all week making up endings. As it turned out, this was great training for writing her own full-length stories. Lisa’s goal is to write entertaining, adventure novels with memorable characters. Her protagonists are people who have something slightly different about them, which could either hold them back or become their strengths. Her novels are all love stories, though not necessarily in the traditional way. Buried in the action, her stories tackle social and psychological issues so that her books can be read on two levels—adventure with deeper psychological underpinnings. Lisa holds a second level black belt in Aikido. Many of her stories have some element of Aikido in them, especially the Aikido philosophy of non-contention. She has no desire to increase the violence and negativity in the world either through her writing or in her daily life. She loves science and science fiction, and can’t always keep the two straight. “There are such amazing things in science, it’s like magic to me.” She often starts her novels by imagining “what if …” What if something was a little bit different? For instance, if your main sense was olfactory rather than sight, how would that change the way you perceive the world? What if someone could “remember” the future but didn’t know if the memory was in the future or the past? What if an alien race sent us one of their criminals as an envoy? Well, why not? After watching our political system they may have decided we would be more comfortable with a criminal rather than a diplomat. Put it all together and you have Seven Sisters. What if someone could see auras? Not just see them but manipulate them as in Knifedance. Energy flows through your body, no one can dispute that. If someone could see where it is flowing and where it is blocked (like the theory behind acupuncture) your thoughts, your emotions would change your energy flow. If someone could see that, they could essentially read your mind. Wouldn’t that give that person too much power over you, unless you trusted him completely? How would that trust be won, or lost, especially if the protagonists begin as enemies? What if someone could completely erase the memory of a person you loved. Is love only in your mind? Isn’t love a lot more mysterious than that? Wouldn’t there be something driving you to remember, even while you can’t remember? Truthseeker explores that, among other issues. How would you create world peace? Not win a war, but end war. Lisa says, “I have always loved novels that made me see or think in new ways, and that is what I hope my novels do for other people.”

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The Horse In The Mirror 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book, not as much as the magician,but I love horses and their spirit.