The House of Yahweh EXPOSED!: Saints or Sinister?

The House of Yahweh EXPOSED!: Saints or Sinister?

by James Arthur

Paperback(Large Print)

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Much has been written about the secretive cult known as The House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas. Media luminaries, the likes of Dr. Phil, Nancy Grace and ABC's Brian Ross, as well as documentary producers from The BBC and from Germany have probed into the organization seeking to expose their agenda. Enough newspaper stories about The House of Yahweh and their 77 year old Pastor/Overseer, Yisrayl Hawkins, have been written to fill volumes of books, yet no one has ever plumbed deeply enough to answer the really critical issues. No one that is, until the author of this authoritative expose produced a truthful examination of the facts. Finally, readers can enter the inner sanctums of this most fascinating cult and discover who they are and why they have offended so many people today.

The mainstream media has never been able to reveal the intent or purpose of this group or their Pastor/Overseer, all of whom are focused like a laser on their singular objective. Are they dangerous? Should we be alarmed by their appearance at this particular point in time? What are the secrets of their arrival during this period of extreme tribulation that is wracking the world?

Yisrayl Hawkins, the former rockabilly singer, cop and real estate millionaire, says he is Yahweh's last days' witness but can we believe him? The media says he is a con man. He shepherds his flock, encouraging them to learn and practice the 613 Laws of Yahweh. His non-traditional teachings of the Bible include: Satan is a woman, the former wife of Yahweh who convinced one-third of their children to leave with her when she rebelled and was ultimately thrown out of heaven; the titles "Lord" and "God" do not refer to our Creator but to the fallen angels and should never have been put in the Bible; the Catholic (Universal) Christian church is the Beast of Daniel and Revelation; keeping the "sun day" and the holidays rather than the commanded Sabbath and Feast Days, gives one "the mark of the beast;" there is only one House of Yahweh, one Faith, one true Messiah; Christianity does not come from the Bible and Jesus Christ is not the name of the Messiah. Both came from the unauthorized church of Rome, facts that are confirmed in their own literature. According to the Bible and The House of Yahweh, Satan has deceived the whole world to believe a counterfeit religion that is not consistent with the teachings of the Messiah or the Prophets.

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ISBN-13: 9781466258600
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Publication date: 08/23/2011
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About the Author

Sixty-seven year old James Arthur is a former Advertising Artist, teacher, businessman, rancher and writer. He writes social commentary, political parody and investigative/theology/history.

A long time resident of Texas, James is inquisitive about all matters relating to the abnormal and the truth. Having been raised in the late forties and fifties when every day brought new discoveries and an always improving standard of living; when we had the best educational system in the world and people looked out for one another, the author laments our country's rapidly declining standards and corresponding increase in moral turpitude.

He says he has learned not to take seriously anything put forth by our mainstream media due to their total lack of integrity, so that all of their news regarding The House of Yahweh piqued his interest. After the distortions the news presented about Waco and the Branch Davidians, Ruby Ridge and 911, with three towers falling into their own footprints and absolutely no credible investigation by the mainstream media, only their parroting the "party line" given to them by the Bush Administration; he was compelled to investigate Yisrayl Hawkins and The House of Yahweh. He was astonished when he learned the facts. He says everyone should know the truths that he discovered about The House of Yahweh.

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