The House on Lombardy Lane

The House on Lombardy Lane

by Larry B. Stell


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“The­ House on Lombardy Lane,” is a first person description of Larry B. Stell, teacher and school administrator who, after his service time with the U. S. Navy and many years of college; degrees in science, social studies, German, and school administration taught for the Department of Defense Dependent Schools in four different countries.

Larry describes his twenty-five years abroad but first teaching in Arkansas, New Orleans, at Ridgewood Preparatory School (a private school, Metairie, Louisiana) for a year, then later after living abroad, taught again in California. Larry also taught at Lincoln High, San Diego, sixty-five percent African American students and home of famous NFL players; Marcus Allen, Terrell Davis, and his student, Akili Smith, who signed as quarterback with Cincinnati Bengals, 1999! Each chapter ends with Larry expressing his sadness of his merchant parents NOT BUYING THE HOUSE ON LOMBARDY LANE!

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ISBN-13: 9781949169331
Publisher: Toplink Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 05/24/2018
Pages: 174
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

This book depicts the author, Larry B. Stell, U. S. Navy veteran who was brought up in Little Rock, Arkansas during the years from 1932 to 1950, when Larry graduated from Little Rock High School, now Little Rock Central High. But it also focuses on the exciting years (1960-1983) abroad! Much of the book focuses on Larry's long college life, and his twenty-five years of teaching and school administration with the Department of Defense Dependent Schools, serving in Tripoli, Libya, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. He wins the battle to learn German and ends up with a German major from various universities! Larry's many love affairs led to one episode with his former wife throwing a cocktail, in an officer's club at a NATO headquarters, at one of his lady friends, just missing a general's wife! ¬ is led to worldwide recognition for Larry and his German wife! This led to worldwide recognition for Larry and his German wife!
The intriguing part of his first person story is that in the long trail from high school through living abroad many years, he NEVER forgot the chance his parents, who owned several grocery stores in various parts of Arkansas, had to buy, but did not, THE HOUSE ON LOMBARDY LANE!

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