The Human Energy Field Chakras

The Human Energy Field Chakras

by Cathy Chapman

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Chakras spin, take in energy, and release energy. They react to what happens in your life. They react to your thoughts and emotions. They react to the actions you take. You might have a thought that goes through your mind, such as, "Oh, how terrible that I forgot 'this.'" Your third chakra reacts to that. You might have a thought that says, "I wish I had said 'this' or done 'that.'" Your second chakra reacts to that.
Focused intention occurs when you are in your heart source. You might think you only focus intention with your mind, but when you are in your heart source, your chakras align. From your heart source, you connect with the heart chakra and the third eye through that beam of energy, because that beam of energy goes all the way up and all the way down — all your chakras connect. Your chakras work to keep you in balance as you perform your intention.
The beam of energy activates all the chakras so that they come into alignment and balance with each other. If you have a thought while you're in your heart source — let's say you think about what happened yesterday and how you're going to handle things in the future — that energy moves throughout your chakras, up and down your pranic tube. They come into balance. The heart source keeps all your chakras in balance.
Take what you need from this book and use it to facilitate healing for yourself and for others. However you use this information, do it from your heart.

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BN ID: 2940161160398
Publisher: Light Technology Publishing
Publication date: 08/26/2019
Series: Amiya's Encyclopedia of Healing
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Dr. Cathy Chapman is a spiritual adventurer who assists people searching for inner healing and physical balance through prayer, spiritual growth, and energy-based healing. She delved deeply into Christian spirituality when she was a Catholic Sister in the Dominican Order for twenty years. During that time, she received a master’s degree in theology.
Dr. Cathy’s explorations of energy healing led her to a broader concept of God, of All That Is, which propelled her into a more expansive spirituality. Since 1996 she has studied various forms of energy healing. At the turn of the century, she was surprised by the energy of Amma, the Divine Mother and feminine aspect of God, coming through her to deliver powerful messages of love, healing, and hope.
Amma, the Divine Mother, through Dr. Cathy, introduced the heart source (an expansion of living from your heart) and information about the smallest energy structures called encodements. Through Amma, she works with the Golden Elohim, Archangel Golden, the Encodement Formulator, and innumerable encodement master teachers and encodement technicians who assist everyone on the planet.
In 2018, Amma asked Dr. Cathy to work with the Golden Elohim to bring in the book The Creation of Form. Once that was completed, she was asked to work with who Amma calls her healing friends. This collective energy gave their name as Ah-ya-me-de-yah-ta-say-na. Each syllable is associated with color and sound. They have said we may call them Amiya (Ah-me-ah).
In addition to Dr. Cathy’s spiritual background, she was a therapist for more than thirty-five years and also a licensed master social worker for much of that time. She earned a doctorate in mind-body psychology.
To learn more about Amma’s work, please go to To learn more about Dr. Cathy’s work to facilitate your own healing, please go to You may contact Dr. Cathy at .

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