The Idea of Sport in Western Culture from Antiquity to the Contemporary Era

The Idea of Sport in Western Culture from Antiquity to the Contemporary Era

by Saverio Battente


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In “The Idea of Sport in Western Culture from Antiquity to the Contemporary Era,” Dr Saverio Battente examines the concept of sport as an element of Western culture. Sport has aided in structuring the collective identities that underpin individual civilisations in the West, and, far from being a merely marginal phenomenon, it has in fact been an essential feature of Western civilisation and culture from antiquity, in its various forms.

The starting point of the book is the idea that there is a certain number of universal traits—unchanged across time and different cultures—underlying all sports, even if there are a series of entirely original elements with which sport has been linked over the centuries in specific civilizations. This volume thus makes a comparative analysis of the ancient, modern, and contemporary worlds and various national contexts; longues durées (whose presence transcends anthropological and cultural barriers), divergences, and discontinuities pertaining to the concept of sport are identified and explored.

The book also looks at the link between the rise of civilisation and the educational and training function of sport, as well as the connection between a culture’s decline and a growing emphasis on sport as an element of entertainment and spectacle in and of itself.

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ISBN-13: 9781622739387
Publisher: Vernon Art and Science
Publication date: 05/21/2020
Series: Series in World History
Pages: 194
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About the Author

Saverio Battente is a researcher at the University of Siena, Italy. He deals with the history of the process of nation/state building in Italy and nationalism, as well as the history of sport. He has published three books: "Storia sociale della pallacanestro in Italia," "Sport e società nell'Italia del Novecento," and "Cento Volte il Giro d'Italia," along with numerous articles in journals and multi-author volumes.

Table of Contents


Part I: Sport in Antiquity

Chapter 1 Ancient Greece

Chapter 2 Ancient Rome

Chapter 3 The Middle Ages

Part II: Sport in the Modern Era

Chapter 4 The Cultural Context

Chapter 5 The United Kingdom

Chapter 6 France

Chapter 7 Germany

Chapter 8 The United States

Chapter 9 Russia/The USSR

Chapter 10 Italy




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