The Imus Ranch Record

The Imus Ranch Record


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There's a 500-pound gorilla in the room when listening to this record, and its name is Don Imus. Conservative radio host Imus found himself in the midst of a firestorm of controversy in 2007 when during a discussion of the Rutgers University women's basketball team, he referred to the players as "nappy-headed hos." While Imus apologized for the remark, it was hardly an isolated incident. For the purposes of this compilation, however, Imus and his wife, Deirde Imus, operate the Imus Ranch, a cattle ranch in New Mexico where children with life-threatening illnesses (and sometimes their siblings) spend a week as working cowpunchers, caring for and cleaning up after the animals to help the kids build self-esteem. Imus has used his high media profile and corporate connections to raise money for the ranch (the children attend for free), and his latest fund-raising project is The Imus Ranch Record, in which 13 country and roots music artists each cover a song Imus has picked out for them. As music, this is hit and miss, like most benefit compilations, and while a number of the good tracks are very good indeed, when this set goes wrong it's cringe-inducing. While Willie Nelson could probably do a song like "What a Difference a Day Makes" in his sleep, he delivers it with the easy, satisfying grace that's his trademark, and Vince Gill's take on "A Satisfied Mind" is splendid, while Dwight Yoakam's rollicking tear through Doug Sahm's "Give Back the Key to My Heart" is a pleasant surprise that Sahm would doubtless have enjoyed. And if Lucinda Williams overplays her vocals just a bit on "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys," she brings a bluesy resonance to the tune that been missing in most versions. But Big & Rich's bombastic and irony-free rendition of the Beastie Boys' "You've Got to Fight for Your Right to Party" is simply embarrassing, Little Richard gets lost in the mix on "I Ain't Never" in what feels like a lost opportunity, and though John Hiatt sounds fine on the Bottle Rockets' "Welfare Music," the song's open attack on Rush Limbaugh feels rather curious on an album curated by another reactionary radio personality. As music, the good tunes on The Imus Ranch Record outnumber the bad, but there are just enough misfires to keep this from being a truly satisfying listen. And as for the cause, it's certainly worthy, but it's worth noting there are plenty of other ways you can donate money for ill and needy children without involving the controversial Imus.

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Release Date: 09/16/2008
Label: New West Records
UPC: 0607396614028
catalogNumber: 6140

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Delbert McClinton   Djembe
Patty Loveless   Vocal Harmony
Willie Nelson   Guitar (Nylon String)
Dwight Yoakam   Acoustic Guitar
Anderson   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
John Hiatt   Acoustic Guitar
Lucinda Williams   Guitar
Steve Gibson   Electric Guitar
Gary Prim   Piano
Mickey Raphael   Harmonica
Richard Rodney Bennett   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Eddie Bayers   Drums
Bekka Bramlett   Background Vocals
Mike Brignardello   Bass
Pat Buchanan   Electric Guitar
Larry Campbell   Acoustic Guitar,Fiddle,Mandolin
Jonathan Clark   Vocal Harmony
Chad Cromwell   Drums
Skip Edwards   Organ
Steve Fishell   Pedal Steel Guitar
Vince Gill   Electric Guitar
Emory Gordy   Bass
Kenny Greenberg   Electric Guitar
Levon Helm   Drums
John Hobbs   Piano,Keyboards
David Hungate   Acoustic Bass
Pam Lee   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Paul Leim   Drums
Mac McAnally   Acoustic Guitar
Raul Malo   Electric Guitar
Mitch Marine   Drums
Brent Mason   Electric Guitar
Randy McCormick   Keyboards
Ann McCrary   Background Vocals
Kevin McKendree   Electric Piano,Wurlitzer
Michael Merritt   Bass
Buddy Miller   Acoustic Guitar
Gordon Mote   Piano
Louis Dean Nunley   Background Vocals
Russ Pahl   Pedal Steel Guitar
Larry Paxton   Acoustic Bass
Alison Prestwood   Bass
Taras Prodaniuk   Bass
Mike Rojas   Hammond Organ
David Sutton   Bass
Crystal Taliefero   Conga,Background Vocals
Harvey Thompson   Saxophone
Bergen White   Background Vocals
Tommy White   Steel Guitar
Lynn Williams   Drums
John Willis   Acoustic Guitar
Glenn Worf   Bass
Reese Wynans   Piano,Hammond Organ
Jimmy Vivino   Electric Guitar
Keith Gattis   Electric Guitar
Spencer Campbell   Bass
Lisa Cochran   Background Vocals
Charles Glenn   Bass
Marabeth Jordon   Background Vocals
Doug Pettibone   Guitar
Jeff Roach   Keyboards
Bryan Sutton   Acoustic Guitar
Butch Norton   Drums
Jon Mark Ivey   Background Vocals
Wes Hightower   Background Vocals
Tom Bukovac   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Teresa Williams   Background Vocals
Danny Flowers   Guitar
Brian John Mitchell   Piano,Accordion
Luther Dickinson   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Kenneth Blevins   Drums
Joe Stark   Electric Guitar
Larry Hall   Strings
Amy Helm   Background Vocals
Casey Wood   Tambourine,Vibes
Rob McNelley   Guitar
Adam Shoenfeld   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Regina McCrary   Background Vocals
Jessi Alexander   Background Vocals
Brian Pruitt   Drums
Tammy Rogers King   Mandolin
Burnt Hickory Chamber Orchestra   Strings
Leigh Cochran   Acoustic Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
San Dugmore   Pedal Steel Guitar
Curtis "Cortini" Jones   spanish guitar
Loarie Loar   Mandolin
Pearl Minnix   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Kerlan Spur   Percussion

Technical Credits

Beastie Boys   Composer
Delbert McClinton   Producer
Ed Bruce   Composer
Mel Tillis   Composer
Dwight Yoakam   Producer
Arthur Alexander   Composer
Anderson   Composer,Producer
John Hiatt   Producer,Engineer
Stevie Nicks   Composer
Doug Sahm   Composer
Lucinda Williams   Producer
Marcy Levy   Composer
María Mendez Grever   Composer
Stanley Adams   Composer
Scott Baggett   Producer,Engineer
Bennie Benjamin   Composer
Bekka Bramlett   Composer
Larry Campbell   Producer
Buddy Cannon   Producer
Neal Cappellino   Engineer
Eric Clapton   Composer
Bob DiPiero   Composer
Michael Dumas   Engineer
Steve Fishell   Producer
Vince Gill   Producer
Emory Gordy   Producer
Justin Guip   Engineer
Paul Hart   Engineer
Kyle Lehning   Producer
Raul Malo   Producer
Joe Martino   Engineer
Kevin McKendree   Producer,Engineer
Webb Pierce   Composer
Rick Rubin   Composer
Dave Sinko   Engineer
Chris Stone   Engineer
George David Weiss   Composer
Joe Hayes   Composer
Brian Henneman   Composer
Eric Liljestrand   Producer
Tony Castle   Engineer
Jack Rhodes   Composer
Margaret Ann Rich   Composer
Patsy Bruce   Composer
Tom Overby   Producer
Casey Wood   Engineer,overdub engineer,Vocal Recording
Adam Shoenfeld   Producer
Ellery Durgin   Engineer
Paul Moore   Art Direction
Sanwook "Sunny" Nam   Mastering Associate
Vanessa Parr   Engineer
Beverly Keel   Liner Notes

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