The Integration of Women in Management: A Guide for Human Resources and Management Development Specialists

The Integration of Women in Management: A Guide for Human Resources and Management Development Specialists

by Carmen Mendez, Ann Marie Rizzo


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Written for human resources managers, trainers, and supervisors, this groundbreaking study examines whether gender-based differences are pervasive in the workplace and, if so, how they influence the work practices of men and women. Drawing upon their own empirical research as well as others in the field, the authors argue that women do not view work and organizations very differently from men and that both men and women need a sense of purpose and want inclusion in the decisions that matter. Rizzo and Mendez then investigate how human resources practitioners can strengthen the capacities of women to become organizational change agents and present a series of creative strategies designed to develop employees, devise training programs, define personnel retention policies, and build work teams. They also include details about workshops, activities, and source materials that trainers and human resources development specialists can use to begin building participative and productive work teams. The result is a practical handbook that not only provides a sound theoretical model for organizational integration but also practical, tested how-to strategies and advice for building an effective workplace that derives maximum participation and productivity from all members.

The book begins by looking at common stereotypes of working women and how these stereotypes contribute to the underutilization and devaluation of women in the workplace. Rizzo and Mendez then examine feminist perspectives concerning women's status as well as epistemological explorations of how we know what we know about gender differences. Turning from theory to practice, the authors propose a model for organizational integration, analyze a case study of how women influence others at work, and outline a workshop designed to empower women managers. Detailed tools, strategies, and approaches for the trainer and human resources professional are described in detail and are accompanied by the authors' recommendations and advice for the reader's use. Finally, the authors consider how individuals in authoritative capacities can help to transform work cultures by working one-on-one with individual employees. With radical changes in the demographic makeup of the American workforce and a shrinking pool of available workers already beginning to exert a strong influence on companies and public policy, the full integration of women in the workplace becomes an important strategic goal. This volume takes an important first step in that direction.

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ISBN-13: 9780899304755
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/18/1990
Pages: 224
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About the Author

ANN-MARIE RIZZO is Professor of Public Administration at Tennessee State University, Nashville. For the past fifteen years she has also trained practitioners in the public and private sectors and conducted workshops, with Carmen Mendez, for women managers and staff on ways of understanding organizations and job politics.

CARMEN MENDEZ is a Professor in the Department of Public Administration and the Director of Budget and Administration for the College of Education at Florida International University. She has been involved, with Ann-Marie Rizzo, in leading training workshops in both the public and private sectors, and served as Acting Director of the Institute of Government.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Donald Klinger



Current Status of Women

Views of Women

Demystifying the Status of Women

Integrating Women into Organizational Life: Perspectives on Gender and Work

Views of Women: Gender Comparisons and Feminist Perspectives

Organizational Integration in a Culturally Diverse Society

Women Managers and Influence Strategies: Changing Conceptualizations and Actions

How Women Influence Organizations: Strategies and Approaches

Using Action Training to Empower Women Managers: Lessons from an Experimental Workshop

Ideas and Approaches for Personal and Organizational Change

Tools, Strategies, and Approaches for Trainers and HRD Professionals

One-on-One Strategies: Even Small Successes Contribute to Change


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