The Journey Home: A Novel

The Journey Home: A Novel

by Michael J Sullivan, Gordon Jackson

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In "The Journey Home"-Book #2  of Michael J. Sullivan's "Forgotten Flowers trilogy-Madeline Orsini had retired as Executive Director of Magnolia Garden, an exclusive assisted living facility in Charleston, South Carolina. Her life's dream of a husband and children long ago crushed by a savage assault, Madeline had resigned herself to a life of solitary contemplation of what might have been. However, a seemingly inconsequential project conceived by Jane Lincoln, Madeline's replacement, to construct family trees for residents of Magnolia Gardens would uncover her painful past and reunite her with a dream.

For Jane Lincoln, Magnolia Gardens and its residents would become the home and family she had never had. When she and Daniel Kilgore married, there were supposed to be no secrets between the two. For several years, no need existed for either to reveal the hidden truth. However, with Jane's emerging desire to have children and Daniel's determination to never again experience the excruciating pain of losing a child, their marriage was on the precipice of ending. The Family Day Celebration at Magnolia Gardens would result in an epiphany for Daniel Kilgore and the realization of a life's dream for his wife, Jane.

Their euphoric life would last a mere three months when an unspeakably horrific accident would bring Jane home to Magnolia Gardens and, ironically, provide Madeline with the second part of her life's dream.

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ISBN-13: 9781732534759
Publisher: Publish Authority
Publication date: 04/13/2020
Series: Forgotten Flowers , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 318
File size: 608 KB

About the Author

Michael Sullivan began his career as a teacher at Sierra Conservation Center. After several years, he became a correctional officer and served for twenty-three years with the California Department of Correction, retiring as an associate warden in 2007. He has been a member of the Sonora Writer's Group since 2013. Between his wife and himself, they have four children and seven grandchildren. Personal website:
Gordon Jackson Publish Authority 300 Colonial Center Parkway, Suite 100 Roswell, GA 30076-4892 (770) 355-9156

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 - Madeline's New Horizon

Chapter 2 - Jane's Revelation

Chapter 3 - The Prognosis

Chapter 4 - The Family Tree Begins

Chapter 5 -  A Visit to The Future

Chapter 6 - Time to Decide?

Chapter 7 - The Search for Linage

Chapter 8 - The Hidden Horrors of Willard Castleberry

Chapter 9 - Insight and Hope

Chapter 10 - Sally Gunderson: An Undiscovered Past

Chapter 11 - Madeline's Private Hell

Chapter 12 - Conflictions of the Heart

Chapter 13 - The Family Tree of Sally Gunderson

Chapter 14 - Never Forgotten

Chapter 15 - The Quest for Records

Chapter 16 - The Unraveling of the Past

Chapter 17 - Forever Loved

Chapter 18 - Six degrees of Separation

Chapter 19 - A Meeting of Fates

Chapter 20 - Love Hastened

Chapter 21 - Connections with the Past

Chapter 22 - Convergence

Chapter 23 - Daniel's Transformation

Chapter 24 - Family Day

Chapter 25 - Emerging Epiphany

Chapter 26 - Daniel's Revelation

Chapter 27 - The Dream Arrives

Chapter 28 - Two Years Later

Chapter 29 - To What Purpose

Chapter 30 - The Alpha - The Omega



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