The Jungle Book [2016] [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

The Jungle Book [2016] [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

by John DebneyJohn Debney




His fifth feature collaboration with film director Jon Favreau, John Debney's score for the 2016 retelling of Rudyard Kipling's classic tale The Jungle Book incorporates songs from the 1967 Disney animated version. Leading off the soundtrack is Dr. John & the Night Trippers' celebratory New Orleans take on "The Bare Necessities." The same song is performed by Bill Murray (as Baloo) and Kermit Ruffins to close the recording. The songs "I Wan'na Be Like You" and "Trust in Me" also appear on the soundtrack, sung by Christopher Walken and Scarlett Johansson, respectively. The rest of the soundtrack consists of Debney's graceful, often exhilarating symphonic score, as during the dissonant brass and racing drums of "Shere Khan Attacks - Stampede" and the horn-, harp-, and choir-fortified "Cold Lair Chase." Trivia of note: the composer's father, Louis Debney, began working with Walt Disney in 1934 and went on to produce television series such as Zorro and Mickey Mouse Club, and Favreau plays the ukulele on "I Wan'na Be Like You."

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Release Date: 04/15/2016
Label: Walt Disney Records
UPC: 0050087344368
catalogNumber: 002386002

Album Credits

Performance Credits

John Debney   Primary Artist
Walt Harrah   Tenor (Vocal)
Beth Andersen   Soprano (Vocal)
Amick Byram   Tenor (Vocal)
Alvin Chea   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
Randy Crenshaw   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
Kevin Dorsey   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
Karen Harper   Alto (Vocal)
Dorian Holley   Tenor (Vocal)
Clydene Jackson   Alto (Vocal)
Carmen Twillie   Tenor (Vocal)
Oren Waters   Tenor (Vocal)
Elin Carlson   Soprano (Vocal)
Bob Joyce   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
Kimberly Lingo   Soprano (Vocal)
Guy Maeda   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
Mike Geiger   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
Greg Whipple   Tenor (Vocal)
Edie Lehmann Boddicker   Alto (Vocal)
Reid Bruton   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
Amy Fogerson   Alto (Vocal)
Suzee Waters   Soprano (Vocal)
Monica Lee   Alto (Vocal)
Aaron Page   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
Joanna Bushnell   Soprano (Vocal)
Diane Freiman Reynolds   Soprano (Vocal)
Gerald White   Tenor (Vocal)
Fletcher Sheridan   Tenor (Vocal)
Susie Stevens   Soprano (Vocal)
Christine Guter   Soprano (Vocal)
Leanna Brand   Alto (Vocal)
Ayana Haviv   Soprano (Vocal)
Eric Bradley   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
Karen Whipple Schnurr   Soprano (Vocal)
Gregg Geiger   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
Ann Sheridan   Alto (Vocal)
Charissa Nielsen   Alto (Vocal)
Nayanna Holley   Alto (Vocal)
Aleta Braxton O'Brien   Soprano (Vocal)
John Kimberling   Tenor (Vocal)
Scott Oatley   Tenor (Vocal)
Arnold Livingston Geis   Tenor (Vocal)
Laura Jackman   Alto (Vocal)
Donna Medine   Alto (Vocal)
Nite Trippers   Ensemble
Ron Colvard   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Terry Gilkyson   Composer,Text
Tracey Freeman   Producer
Scott Holtzman   Music Business Affairs,Legal Advisor
Richard M. Sherman   Composer,Text
Robert B. Sherman   Composer,Text
Mark Mullins   Arranger
Simon Rhodes   Engineer
John Debney   Composer,Producer,Liner Notes
Jon Favreau   Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Kevin Globerman   Scoring Recordist
Kaylin Frank   Creative Consultant
Sarah Morrow   Producer
Mark Ronson   Producer,Engineer
Jens Jungkurth   Engineer
Lola Debney   Score Coordinator
Kevin Kaska   Orchestration
Don Welty   Music Business Affairs,Legal Advisor
Scott L. Miller   Arranger
Vince Caro   Engineer
Misha Kachkachishvili   Engineer
Stephanie Pereida   Score Production Coordinator
Ryan Hopman   Producer
Natalie Stowell   Score Production Coordinator
Will Hunt   Arranger
Riccardo Damian   Engineer

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