The Kaiser's Dawn: The Untold Story of Britain's Secret Mission to Murder the Kaiser in 1918

The Kaiser's Dawn: The Untold Story of Britain's Secret Mission to Murder the Kaiser in 1918

by John Hughes-Wilson


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In midsummer 1918, a top-secret mission was set in motion to kill Kaiser Wilhelm II. It was thought that killing the German head of state and commander-in-chief would serve as a mortal blow to the German forces, and that they would collapse very quickly after the assassination. Kept secret for a century, the plot is revealed in the historical thriller The Kaiser’s Dawn, which John Hughes-Wilson has built from information discovered in never-before-published notebooks, maps, and pilots’ flying records, and confirmed by material found in the RAF archives.

The implications of this secret attack raise many explosive new historical questions. Exactly who ordered the attack? Was the King informed of the attempt to kill his royal cousin? Did Prime Minister Lloyd George know? A century later, no one is certain—all that can be known for sure is that someone in the government must have sanctioned the plan.

Wilson has woven an exciting and well-paced historical novel to mark the centennial of this plot. The story explores areas rarely examined: secret service operations, undercover intelligence work, the very real political intrigues between government leadership and the generals, and the heroics of the air crews of the day, whose life expectancy at one point in 1917 was only eleven days in action. Fast-paced and full of intrigue, The Kaiser’s Dawn brings this long-hidden episode of history back into the light.

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ISBN-13: 9781911604396
Publisher: Uniform Press
Publication date: 09/15/2018
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.70(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

John Hughes Wilson was an officer in the British Army for more than thirty years, serving in the Intelligence Corps and as a Special Forces operations officer, and ending his career as a senior intelligence officer with SHAPE and NATO in Brussels. Since retirement he has written seven books of nonfiction and eight novels.

Table of Contents

1 25 Sqn in France, Jan 1918 15

2 German Command, OHL 27

3 Intelligence Conference at BEF GH 32

4 Haig's Office, Montreuil 51

5 St Omer, at the Café 56

6 War Office, Whitehall 74

7 Collecting Intelligence for GHQ 84

8 DMO and Dr Neville 89

9 German HQ, Major Wendel 99

10 25 Sqn, St Omer, a Special Duty 107

11 The Secret Service, London 113

12 SD Night Flight and David Craig 124

13 Lille and Serjeant Lutz 139

14 The North Sea 150

15 Armstrong's Idiocy 154

16 A Medal Celebration 167

17 GHQ - Gough, Wendel and Stube 178

18 OHL and the Need for Public Relations 184

19 Everitt at the Border 195

20 Bruchmüller's Train 204

21 A Quiet Lunch at the RAC 209

22 The Crash 221

23 The Handover 228

24 BEF - The Office of the Chief of Staff 231

25 Rotterdam - The Man Who Knew Too Much 236

26 C's Little Problem 239

27 OHL - Stube's Unusual Cheese 247

28 The Bomb 255

29 Everitt's Homecoming 264

30 Problems for Wendel and Neville 274

31 The Bureaucratic Battle of Whitehall 279

32 When Things Go Wrong? 284

33 Die Kaiserschlacht! - 21 March 1918 289

34 Armstrong Moves On 299

35 Kaiserschlacht - Progress? 309

36 London - A Second Chance? 321

37 Nasty Shocks 331

38 At Grand Quartier Génèrale 336

39 Converging Destinies 343

40 A Date with Fate 336

41 Securing the Kaiser 359

42 The Beginning of the End 364

43 Setting the Trap 370

44 The Longest Night 381

45 A Night to Remember 386

46 The Kaiser's Dawn 392

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