The Khaki Kook Book: A Collection of a Hundred Cheap and Practical Recipes Mostl

The Khaki Kook Book: A Collection of a Hundred Cheap and Practical Recipes Mostl

by Mary Kennedy Core


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The Khaki Kook Book (With Original Illustrations)

Excerpt from the Book:

"About ten years ago the idea of writing a little cook book had its birth. We were in Almora that summer. Almora is a station far up in the Himalayas, a clean little bazaar nestles at the foot of enclosing mountains. Dotting the deodar-covered slopes of these mountains are the picturesque bungalows of the European residents, while towering above and over all are the glistening peaks of the eternal snows....

"One day she prepared for the crowd of us a tiffin of delicious Hindustani food. That afternoon while we were sitting under the shade and fragrance of the deodar trees, we praised the tiffin. Before we knew it we were planning a cook book. It was to be a joint affair of Hindustani and English dishes, and Miss Singh was to be responsible for the Hindustani part of it....

"Our enthusiasm grew. For three or four days we talked of nothing else. We experimented, we planned; we dreamed, we wrote. But alas! other things soon thrust themselves upon us, and our unfinished cook book was pigeon-holed for years and years. And it is not now what it would have been if finished then....

"However, in spite of all this, the Indian cook is a great comfort. He grows on one. It is surprising how equal he is to emergencies and what really fine things he can make with very few conveniences and often a very stinted allowance of material....

"I hope these recipes will help."

This book contains 100 mouth-watering recipes that can add strength to your cooking arsenal, as well as satiate your taste bud eternally.

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