The Killing of the Miracle Worker

The Killing of the Miracle Worker

by Bishop Roy Lee Davis


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Why would anyone want to kill a Miracle Worker?

One that has power with The Lord God Almighty to heal the sick, cause the lame to walk, raise the dead, and lift poverty stricken people to prosperity.Well, the answer may well be in one fact which is "TRUTH".

There are many things that are called true. If someone said that the sky was blue, that would be true. But that is not "The Truth" that has caused apostles, prophets, and other preachers of righteousness to suffer persecution, imprisonment and death throughout the ages. The truth that I refer to causes people to have to see everything God's way. But as the human race grows worse and worse, the truth is the more unwelcome in every facet of today's society.

God has ordained me a preacher of His truth to the world at this time. That calling has caused me to be hated as though I were an assassin. The real preaching of the gospel does not get the applauses as do smooth ear candy preaching, not even by most of today's church folk. They have resolved themselves to some denominational preaching that soothes them in their sins. And when Truth enters their arenas it goes against all that they have set before themselves, that is when the fireworks get started.

It is self-righteous demons that cause men and women to fight against the truth. Some of the demons cause people to think that they are right because they are rich or because they are grown. Others have demons that cause them to believe that all that they will ever need is within themselves. But I have a mandate from the Lord to speak Truth to America and the world so that some will be saved in this life, and have eternal life in the world to come. While others will stand before the judgment seat of Christ and of God without excuse.

Bishop Roy Lee Davis

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Publication date: 05/11/2008
Pages: 124
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