The Kingdom of God Is Like . . . Baseball

The Kingdom of God Is Like . . . Baseball

by James S. Currie


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Jesus used parables to teach his disciples certain truths about the gospel. The parables employed word pictures, such as of planting seeds and other agricultural images, that were familiar to his listeners. What kind of imagery could be used today to talk about the gospel? Baseball, ""America's pastime,"" might be one source of such familiar images. In this book Currie has attempted to find theological themes and to describe the gospel in the sport of baseball.

""From Jim Currie's superbly assembled community of historical baseball players, baseball aficionados, and biblical parables and characters, God's grace, light, healing, and new life emerge, even to those who may think they have little in common with either baseball or the Bible. Readers will smile, belly laugh, remember struggles and losses, and nod affirmatively, deeply grateful for many new insights received.""
-Ted Foote

""Jesus' kingdom parables are few and short, and I long for more. That desire is satisfied in these pages: provocative, enticing, enriching, inviting. Those who love God, baseball, either, or both will find interwoven in this book refreshing gifts from God's kingdom in Currie's love for the game's people and story and his grounding in grace and holy texts. The line between them is shown gloriously blurry, a joyous new parable . . . and home run.""
-Howard Reed

""Baseball fan and theologian, Jim Currie, gives us a wonderful look at ways the national pastime embodies themes that form the fabric of Christian faith. Each chapter is filled with delightful baseball lore that brings memories flooding back to baseball fans. But Currie goes on to relate these stories, events, and sentiments to what matters most in life: what Jesus said and did when he talked about the kingdom of God. No fan with faith should miss this book!""
-Donald K. McKim

""James Currie's The Kingdom of God Is Like . . . Baseball is theologically intriguing and fascinatingly written for the Community of Saints. As one who has 'used' baseball as a place to go and mourn, to be 'lost' and, therefore, to be comforted until, on each occasion, I made my way back 'Home,' I relished each comparison. Centered on the parables of Jesus, each chapter draws the reader in to react, to make choices, to find the 'Holy' in the 'ordinary' Game of Life. We who call ourselves followers of Jesus, get 'Home' when we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear the word of God.""
-Ann Weems

James S. Currie has been a Presbyterian minister since 1979 and currently serves as pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, Texas. He is the author of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary: Completing a Century of Service (2002) and Planting Trees: A History of the Presbyterian Pan American School (forthcoming).

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