The Law of Attraction Made Easy: More Than 50 Exercises to Manifest the Life You Want

The Law of Attraction Made Easy: More Than 50 Exercises to Manifest the Life You Want

by Meera Lester


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Easy exercises for bringing the Law of Attraction into your life!

Everything you desire is within your reach. You just need to know how to work with the universe to get what you want. With The Law of Attraction Made Easy, you will learn how to make your intentions crystal clear to draw happiness, success, and love into your life. More than fifty simple exercises will teach you how you can shift your thoughts to bring more positive and happy experiences, and through transformational thinking, radically change your life.

As you incorporate the Law of Attraction into your daily life, you'll easily connect with the universe to produce the experiences, relationships, and things you desire—the perfect partner, a satisfying career, robust health, or peace of mind.

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ISBN-13: 9781440594854
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 01/01/2016
Series: Made Easy
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 124,521
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 7.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Meera Lester, an internationally published author, has written more than two dozen books, including Sacred Travels, The Everything Law of Attraction, The Secret Power of You, My Pocket Meditations, and Rituals for Life. After spending time in India in her early twenties, she has been a lifelong practitioner of hatha yoga, Dhyan meditation, and Kundalini Maha Yoga.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

Part 1 The Law of Attraction Basics 9

Chapter 1 What is the Law of Attraction? 11

Chapter 2 How to Use the Law of Attraction 23

Chapter 3 Myths and Criticisms of the Law 33

Chapter 4 The Relationship Between the Law of Attraction and Traditional Religions 41

Part 2 The Law of Attraction Exercises 64

1 Assess Your Life 66

2 Brainstorm What You Really Want 67

3 Write a Mission Statement for Your Life 68

4 Create Spice in Your Life for Your Intentions 69

5 Visualize Your Intention 70

6 Complete This Intention-Setting Worksheet 71

7 Re-Order Your To-Do List to Reduce Stress 72

8 Set Your Intention While in a "Neutral" Mood 74

9 Make Your Intention Crystal Clear 75

10 Actuary Write Down Your Intention 76

11 Express Desire in the Right Language 77

12 Have a Positive Attitude, No Matter What 78

13 Energize Your Intention with Actions 79

14 Tune Into Higher Vibrations to Connect with the Universe 80

15 Believe in Your Self-Worth 81

16 Embrace Expectation and Anticipation 82

17 Strengthen Your Intention by Attracting the Right Kind of Energy 83

18 Implement the Techniques of Manifestation 84

19 Balance Your Giving and Receiving 86

20 I-earn Other Laws Related to the Law of Attraction 88

21 Take a Break from Negative Messages 89

22 Repeat Positive Affirmations 90

23 Eliminate Subconscious Doubt 92

24 Reinforce Your Desire Through Journaling 93

25 Identify Your Self-Limiting Thoughts 94

26 Break Free of Those Self-Limiting Thoughts 96

27 Clarify and Refine Your Vision If Necessary 97

28 Clear Blockages 99

29 Support Your Intention with Dream Incubation 101

30 Promote Good Health with Healthy Thinking 103

31 Stimulate Your Mind with New Challenges 104

32 Set Boundaries and Resolve Conflicts 105

33 Give in Order to Receive 107

34 Adopt the Millionaire Mindset 108

35 Get Out of Debt and Manifest Prosperity 109

36 Make a Wealth Receptacle 110

37 Celebrate Milestones on Your Journey 112

38 Regain Good Health with This Breathing Exercise 113

39 Attract the Perfect Romantic Partner 114

40 Recognize Synchronicity 115

41 Poster Spiritual Growth 116

42 Detach Yourself from Outcomes 117

43 Be Patient 118

44 Find Solutions to Your Problems 119

45 Recover Quickly from Bad Moods 120

46 Find Your Ideal job 121

47 Practice Using Your Intuition 122

48 Get a Raise or Promotion 123

49 Employ Feng Shui to Keep Your Home's Energy Flowing 124

50 Eliminate Clutter 125

51 Use Pendulum Dowsing to Know If You Are On Track 126

52 Strengthen Your Self-Care 129

53 Allow Manifestation to Occur 130

Part 3 Finding Happiness 131

Chapter 5 Share the Knowledge 133

Chapter 6 What's Next? 141

Appendix A Glossary 149

Appendix B Resources 152

Index 155

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