The Light of Reason: The Delight of the Awakened State

The Light of Reason: The Delight of the Awakened State

by Gloria Excelsior

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Whenever there is pain and sorrow, wealth is hidden from reality. Whenever there is confusion, disregard, unworthiness, there is a lurking fear that has not been uncovered. These shadows cover the essence of self. These shadows withdraw the self to a place of denial where the veil thickens, condenses and becomes a dense cloud full of misrepresentations. This, dear ones, is the challenge that is to be faced for all who are moved to choice: Denial or freedom. Freedom is the strength of self. Freedom is held with love and light. Freedom is within the arms of the Lord who carries this burden into the light of reason. Do you see my dears? Do you see the love that you have? Do you see the image of who you are? You are the image of the Lord Thy God. You are this light that shines through thy countenance of beauty. You are all of that and more! Gloria Excelsior

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ISBN-13: 9781452523644
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/28/2014
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The Light of Reason

The Delight of the Awakened State

By Gloria Excelsior

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Gloria Excelsior
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-2363-7


Book One

A New Dawn of Reason


Every little drop of water is of thy countenance.

Every intake of breath is the wind's breath of desire.

Every thunderstorm is a call for nature to love.

Every relationship on this planet is the challenge of the Lord thy God.

Every partnership within this challenge is not about the other's worthiness.

Every challenge within partnership is a call to awaken the self to inner knowing.

Every condition within the partnership is the worthiness of desire to search out God.

The relationship with the self is the relationship with God. God is within the relationship.

God is the worthiness.

God is the partnership.

There was a time when all was dark. There was no light. During this time of nothing, elements of our making were at play.

We, the light, provided for the thoughts and deeds to manifest as they should. This was our manifesto of life. Through this arrangement, we were provided many opportunities to create.

Within these creative elements, we were able to challenge the darkness. This challenge was one of intensity and ferociousness, where there was much drama and then exhilaration. The darkness was removed in partiality and became a fixed day. The fixed day is what the Earth is experiencing at this moment, in this period of time.

When this was accomplished, we designed another manifestation. We challenged the darkness and gained more awareness for the light that shone. This awareness was in the form of living elements. As these living elements gained in strength, we knew that there should be a favored addition to this light.

This addition was the bonding and reflection of ourselves in our likeness. We have been well pleased and have appreciated the worthiness of each and every soul on this Earth. This has been our nature and our passion. This has been our investment in manifestation outcomes from the beginning of time.

It is important for the Gloria and the Lord thy God to share again the beginnings of the story of creation, from a deeper perspective of understanding for the beings on this Earth who are ready in their evolutionary journey to hear of this tale. With this disclosure, we will be able to move forward into the concepts to be presented in the form of recreation elements for the new Earth reality.

Intention for the New Earth

This book is full of intention. The words in each phrase, each sentence, each paragraph, and each page are infused with light and love from the Lord thy God speaking with directness to all who are willing to attend to these teachings. Paired with these words are the words of Gloria, who is beside the Lord as he speaks. The Gloria conveys a message full of admiration for all who read this document.

The message from the Lord thy God is here. It is in the now. It is written by the one who is within the embrace of the Almighty who thrives with her presence. This light being has been created for the new coming to this Earth that will be called recreation. With this coming will be a new earthly understanding and a strong, dynamic connection with the power of light.

This being is full of glory, for she holds great wealth for all of mankind and for those who have passed from this earthly realm. You see, dear ones, the Gloria is here to manifest the connecting of heaven and Earth in a way that has never been envisioned in all of Earth's history.

The connection between these two realms will enrich all who partake in this classical, yet grand experience. There will also be a stripping of the veil of denial which will end the deception of a reality that does not exist and has never existed.

The stripping of this veil will end the conjecture of false thought and false action of all on this planet. This conjecture is causing pain, sorrow, and discomfort throughout this world. The time has come for this veil of misinformation to be lifted for all of eternity. Only the new Earth reality will remain.

This is not the end of the world; it is a beginning. It is a renewal that will prove to be profound in nature and in all human elements of existence. All living elements will thrive with the intention of the one who will be the guiding light to all who agree to accept this condition of worthiness.

She is your example. She is your guide. She shares your experiences. She knows of your pain, sorrows, turmoil. She knows of your wisdom and of your light. There is no veil between the Gloria and your countenance. There is no veil between Gloria and the Lord thy God.

Gloria is the bonding, the union, the love that is extended from on high to all living beings on this earthly plane. Gloria carries light forward. She exudes this light for the well-being of all of mankind; it is the healing element for all of nature and everything on this planet. It is time for this healing. It is time for a rearrangement from Source. It is time for the veil to be lifted.

The Potency of Recreative Elements

The Lord is well pleased because the Earth is within recreation. These creative elements will extinguish the drive for unworthiness, self-loathing, and judgment of the self and of the other. This recreation of the planet will move all forward into a new Earth full of vibrant energy that will sustain and balance this planet.

The task is not daunting. The conditions will not be difficult. The challenges of correction will be representative of honoring this planet in all aspects of commitment to the other.

The other will be of prime consideration: the other who suffers, condemns, judges, and denies God; the other who challenges all aspects of love and disregards all interest in caring for beings on this planet; this other is being challenged by the Lord thy God, the Almighty, who is present and swift of action. The challenge is not to be feared but revered. The challenge of the Lord thy God is one of service.

Serve the Lord thy God through service for the other. Serve the ones who are in need in thy Name. Serve all within relationship with honor and openness.

Open your heart to the joys of everyday existence, knowing that you are loved and honored by all divine elements.

Your service will be known. The service will be a call for you to participate in this healing of the new Earth as it begins to unfold.

The elements of change are upon each one of you who participates in this beautiful healing process given by the one called Gloria, my beloved.

This is not an offer. This is a clear understanding of intent being projected to Earth from the Lord thy God. Those who reject the conditions set on these pages will not be part of the new world order. There will be a day of judgment. Each one will be challenged by the Lord thy God who will sit in judgment for unworthy deeds.

There will be an accounting of deeds that hold darkness and do not hold the light of love.

There will be an accounting of deeds that hold lack of forgiveness for the self and others.

There will be an accounting of deeds that hold a lack of compassion where one has stepped over another in need.

There will be an accounting of deeds of betrayal, deceit, and denial of personal truth.

It is time to step forward into a new dawn of reason. It is time to put away or be done with the deeds of the past and view existence with a sense of presence.

This, dear ones, is the awakening for which so many on this planet have been praying. This is the awakening to new possibilities. This is the awakening into love for all fellow beings on this Earth. This is the awakening of all living things that will begin to thrive within a balanced and healing Earth environment. Each have a choice to believe or ignore the fact that:

God is benevolent.
God listens.
God speaks.
Gloria Excelsior
God is here.
This is your blessing.
This is your nature.
This is your choice.

All have a choice: acceptance of love, light, laughter, and healing or the acceptance of a darkness devoid of all of these elements offered in the name of Gloria.

Dear ones, it is time for a commitment of your worthiness. This worthiness is well established by heavenly order. It is your responsibility to move into the understanding of who you are.

You are the light, the stars, and the breath of the wind. You are the waves lapping on a sandy shore. You are a reflection of love, laughter and of memories that have already occurred. You are all of these thoughts, all of these actions.

How is perfection expressed? This perfection is of creative elements. This perfection is of the divine who deeply loves and cherishes each one of you.

The light that you carry merges with the others around you. There is no division and no end. This light conveys the wealth of the universal energy that feeds and nurtures your being.

This wealth brings forth responsibility for your worthiness on this new earthly plane of existence.

Finding Your Truth

This responsibility is a reflection of your personal truth. It is not an easy task to find your truth. Truth is hidden under many layers of denial of what is the real truth. Denial stands in the way of your courage to look beyond discomfort and to challenge a stronger look at personal strengths. The challenge is to find the strength of your own truth.

Finding the structure of your truth is not the same as seeing the conditions of your beliefs. Belief is very different from truth. The truth of self is the heart of the matter. The self is your truth. The self is your true essence of being. The self holds the key to your personal truth. The self is called your soul. This is the soul of life, of your truth. Your soul holds the truth within. The soul only knows the deep truth of the self.

With this knowledge comes love—the love of truth. Through this personal truth, the love of God is born. The love for thy God on high exists in pure form within this strength of truth. This is the truth of divine elements, creation, and universal love for all living things. You are this truth. You are this perfection of being. You are a child of God. You are a reflection of the Almighty, the all, the one. You are all of that.

Wherefore I say unto you, in the name of the Lord thy God, the time has come to look within the self. Consider the seeing with a naked eye of intent. Use this intent to search and find the true essence of your being. With this search will be many gifts offered from on high. These gifts will be in the form of joy, comfort, consideration, and assurance of well-being that will shape a new vision of worthiness. The final gift from this self-reflection will be the ability to truly feel the love of your God who delights in the revelation of truth. Your God shares this awakening time with you, and with this awakening, the truth becomes the way, the light, and the reason for being on this planet called the new Earth.

The conditions of this planet need your assistance. The assistance cannot be claimed by a group or an institution or a consortium. You must respond to this earthly distress and be the active participant who will take ownership for all of your future actions and development.

This action will be in the form of your personal truth. An alignment exists between your truth and of God's knowing. Action will be taken with personal integrity matching your truth.

The action is one of confirmation of the love one will hold for the other, the action of a confirmation of all living things on this planet where all healing possibilities reside.

The healing of the plants and animals in the kingdom of life requires your support.

This will be your truth. This is the truth of loving life, the life of the other who claims truth.

Seeking truth is not an easy subject to convey to those who struggle with denial and who see through a myopic lens of distortion: This impaired vision results in regrets about old patterns of behaviors, want of resourcefulness, and a return to old ways of disregard and destruction of this earthly realm.

For some, this will be the ultimate challenge: to meet the conditions of the Lord thy God in matters of natural endeavors that must be nurtured by each individual seeking the truth.

Discovery of Reverence

This claim to the truth will be in the form of reverence. Reverence through truth reflects love for this Earth. This truth holds reverence for the ancestors who created for everyone on this Earth. This truth holds reverence for the unborn who will seed this new Earth and bring forward untold wealth and healing through new technological developments. They will support Earth to a new threshold of reverence for all living things.

It will come to pass that all beings on this new Earth will be struck with a sense of wonder. This wonder will signal the start of the changes for the Lord on high to manifest before the population of this earthly realm. The manifestation will be complete and inevitable.

This manifestation will touch the hearts and minds of each living being. The understanding of forgiveness will be convincing and dramatized for all to see and experience. Self-forgiveness will unfold with tears of gladness and renewal. The re-new-all will tear down the barriers between time and space. This space/ time continuum will encompass all healing elements. The production of wealth will begin to manifest in the form of creative manifestations of the true self—the soul of eternal life. This life force will begin to unfold within and will challenge old behaviors and past lessons.

The lessons of old will be counted. The accounting will begin with a powerful force of love that will exude, emanate, and coalesce within each entity of this earthly state. Each entity will experience gratitude for this task of reflection. Each one will begin to see the light of reason—the message from the Lord thy God. Each individual will see these lessons in full light and come to realize that all has been forgiven.

This forgiveness will become a profound awareness. This awareness is not to be dismissed or minimized. It is a communication of love and endearment; it also holds a challenge. This challenge will be called a waking up or an awakening of the spirit of each soul.

Awakening to the Light of Reason

This awakening process is the beginning of your personal evolution into the mainstream of a richness that is beyond your comprehension. It is the richness of life; the richness of love, and the richness of the truth of self.

This truth reflects and moves into a wealth of relationships that will build firm structures of intense belonging for all who partake in this beautiful discovery.

Yes, some will not be able to accept this wealth of love and forgiveness. This lack will manifest as well. It will become clear to them that the time of this wealth is not upon them. It will become clear that they will not be a part of this experience of the new conditions set forth for the healing changes for others. This awareness will be an awakening to the realization that the time and space continuum will not be upon their countenance, and there will be a denial of forgiveness from on high.

Day of Denial

This will be the event called judgment day. This is the day of denial of the Lord thy God. This is the day when it will be the right of each person to deny the essence of the divinity and to move away from the light of reason.


Excerpted from The Light of Reason by Gloria Excelsior. Copyright © 2014 Gloria Excelsior. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Book One,
Remembering, 2,
Intention for the New Earth, 4,
The Potency of Recreative Elements, 6,
Finding Your Truth, 9,
Discovery of Reverence, 11,
Awakening to the Light of Reason, 13,
Day of Denial, 14,
New Healing Dynamics, 17,
We Are One, 20,
Book Two,
The Potential of Light, 22,
The Veil of Linear Time, 25,
The Choice to Awaken, 27,
Healing Wisdom for Children, 29,
Unity of the Family, 32,
Conditions within the Factor of Convenience, 33,
Healing Light of Guidance, 35,
World Leadership of Service, 36,
Birthing Process of the New Earth, 39,
The Fold of Love and Choice of Action, 41,
Commitment and Conditions, 43,
Book Three,
Commitment for the Earth's Survival, 48,
Forgiveness and the Test of Love, 50,
The Gift of the Fifth Dimension, 52,
New Healing Solutions, 54,
The Evolutionary Pathway, 57,
Changes, 59,
The Divine Light of Existence, 61,
You Are Holy, 63,
Process of Self-reflection, 65,
The Awakened Ones, 68,
Power of Forgiveness, 72,
The Contract of the Soul, 75,
Book Four,
The Thriving of the New Earth, 80,
Healing Elements Called Manifestations, 84,
The Experience of Conscious Awareness, 85,
Moving Into Balance, 88,
The Lotus of Grace, 91,
Love Elements of Consciousness, 93,
Holy Redemption, 95,
Book Five,
The Now Is in the Present, 98,
What You Think, You Create, 100,
Presence and Worthiness, 102,
The Abiding of Universal Laws, 104,
The Universal Law of Intention, 105,
The Universal Law of Commitment, 108,
The Universal Law of Pleasure, 109,
The Universal Law of Duality, 111,
The Masters of the Light Decree a Miracle of Movement, 113,
The Bond of Light Forces, 117,
Welcome Home, 120,
A New World Order, 122,
The Expression of the Enlightened State, 124,
Book Six,
Codes of Worth, 128,
Light and Dark Elements, 130,
Crossroads of Desire, 134,
Meet Your True Self, 136,
The Pretender, Called the Shadow, 140,
Book Seven,
The Breaking of Chains, 144,
Divine Planning, 147,
Meeting Challenges with Fortitude, 149,
The Adventure, 151,
Afterword, 155,
Glossary, 157,

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