The Little Gumbo Book

The Little Gumbo Book


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Here are twenty-seven carefully created recipes plus explanations, definitions, and directions that will enable everyone to enjoy the special experience of gumbo. This dandy of a book is entirely dedicated to the process of preparing great gumbo. In addition to the wonderful collection of recipes, the book provides guidance in preparing all the characteristic elements that make up this unique Cajun dish. For instance, there are six recipes for preparing roux-the browning of flour, so important to the richness of gumbo. The book contains a step-by-step gumbo recipe which provides detailed instructions that will enable anyone to create a great pot of gumbo! There are also suggestions for how to prepare rice, and a special Cajun seasoning recipe for adding just the right Creole touch. The Little Gumbo Book utilizes convenient microwaves, time-freeing crock pots, and dependable iron pots for preparing such delectable recipes as "Catfish Gumbo," low-calorie "Lean and Mean Chicken Gumbo," as well as "Crowd Pleasing Gumbo" for impressing a party of fifty people! It's all here. The mystery of gumbo preparation is revealed and explained in this one little book. Voila!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780937552179
Publisher: Quail Ridge Press
Publication date: 06/28/1987
Pages: 64
Sales rank: 390,721
Product dimensions: 4.87(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.37(d)

Table of Contents

All About Roux11
Iron Skillet Roux13
Baked Roux13
Skillet Dry Roux13
Microwave Roux (with Vegetables)14
Oven-Baked Dry Roux14
Creole Roux15
A Word About Rice17
K's Cajun Seasoning19
Step-By-Step to Great Gumbo21
Mamaw's Shrimp Gumbo30
The Mariner's Gumbo31
Catfish Gumbo32
Snitcher's Seafood Gumbo33
Aunt Tiel's Fresh Crab and Shrimp Gumbo34
24-Karat Gumbo36
Creole Roux Seafood Gumbo37
Cup O' Crab Gumbo38
Spicy Hot Crock Pot Gumbo39
Hot Crawfish Gumbo40
Seafood Oven Okra Gumbo42
Turkey Oven Okra Gumbo43
Chicken 'N' Sausage File Gumbo44
Chicken Crock Pot Gumbo45
Gombo File Aux Poulet46
Henny-Penny File Gumbo48
Lean and Mean Chicken Gumbo49
Microwave Chicken 'N' Sausage Gumbo50
The Tail of the Turkey Gumbo51
Duck 'N' Andouille Gumbo52
Burgundy Beef Gumbo55
Pork Roast Gumbo56
Moulin-Rouge Gumbo57
Crowd Pleasing Gumbo58
Okra and Tomato Gumbo59
Z' Herbes Gumbo60
About the Author63

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