The Magic of Mikhail Tal

The Magic of Mikhail Tal

by Joe Gallagher

Paperback(First Edition)

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In this book Grandmaster Joe Gallagher takes a fresh look at Tal's games and career, focusing on the previously neglected period from 1975 to 1992 during which he played some of his most accomplished chess. Despite periodic bouts of ill-health Tal occupied a place in the world's top ten for most of this period, winning many top-class events and securing dozens of wonderful victories, many of which are annotated in detail here.

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ISBN-13: 9781857442663
Publisher: Everyman Chess
Publication date: 09/05/2000
Series: Everyman Chess Series
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 9.34(h) x 0.46(d)

About the Author

Joe Gallagher is a highly respected author of numerous best-selling chess books including being co-author of the single volume openings work Nunn's Chess Openings

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Early Years9
Chapter 11975-1978: Ups and Downs37
1Butnorius-Tal, USSR Team Championship, Riga 197540
2Tal-Stean, Moscow 197545
3Doroshkievich-Tal, 43rd USSR Championship, Yerevan 197548
4Tal-Sosonko, Wijk aan Zee 197651
5Tal-Andersson, Stockholm 197654
6Hubner-Tal, Biel Interzonal 197660
7Tal-Larsen, Las Palmas 197764
8Tal-Dorfman, USSR Championship, Tbilisi 197868
Chapter 21979: Some Great Results74
9Sax-Tal, Tallinn 197976
10Tal-Rantanen, Tallinn 197980
11Tal-Larsen, Montreal 197983
12Spassky-Tal, Montreal 197986
13Tal-Hubner, Montreal 197991
14Tal-Velimirovic, USSR-Yugoslavia, Teslic (1st matchgame) 197996
15Polugayevsky-Tal, Riga Interzonal 1979101
16Gheorghiu-Tal, Riga Interzonal 1979107
Chapter 31980-1984: Mixed Results113
17Tal-Spassky, Tilburg 1980119
18Tal-Flesch, Lvov 1981124
19Tal-Van der Wiel, Wijk aan Zee 1982129
20Tal-Grigorian, Yerevan 1982132
21Tal-Van der Wiel, Moscow Interzonal 1982137
22Tal-Ftacnik, Sochi 1982140
23Tal-Chandler, Sochi 1982146
24Tal-Andersson, Malmo (1st matchgame) 1983151
Chapter 41985-1986: Improvement - A Candidate Again156
25Tal-Ftacnik, Naestved 1985160
26Tal-Korchnoi, Montpellier Candidates 1985164
27Ribli-Tal, Montpellier Candidates 1985169
Chapter 51987-1988: Playing with the Good Guys Again173
28Tal-Hjartarson, Reykjavik 1987177
29Tal-Speelman, Subotica Interzonal 1987183
30Tal-Ivanovic, St John 1988187
31Tal-Zaitschik, Tbilisi 1988191
32Tal-Speelman, Reykjavik 1988196
Chapter 61989-1992: The Final Years200
33Tal-Lautier, Barcelona 1992204
34Tal-Akopian, Barcelona 1992210
What They Said About Tal216
Index of Games219
Career Record from 1975221

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