The Magical Sexual Practices of Ancient Egypt: The Alchemy of Night Enchiridion

The Magical Sexual Practices of Ancient Egypt: The Alchemy of Night Enchiridion

by Judy Hall

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A step-by-step guide to raising kundalini and embodying the dynamic, sexual force, that is the Power of Sekhem. Sex is the most potent force in the universe. A primal power. And sacred sexuality is a gateway to the divine. Something that the ancient Egyptians recognised instinctively. In The Magical Sexual Practices of Ancient Egypt, bestselling author, Judy Hall, offers the reader powerful sexual magic for the present day. It reveals sexual secrets hidden for millennia. This jealously guarded secret doctrine is now available to everyone. The system activates your creative erotic potential. Kindling the inner and outer mystic marriages, it is a joining of souls with the divine. Through a cosmic orgasm that is literally mind-blowing, the process generates the power to manifest and integrate expanded consciousness into the everyday world. The system can be used to attract a twin-flame or make a sacred marriage with an existing partner. The practice can also be worked alone to invoke an integration with your highest Self. Crystals support the practice throughout. Accompaniment to Judy Hall's new novel, The Alchemy of the Night.

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About the Author

An internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, healer and workshop leader, Judy Hall has been a karmic counsellor for over forty five years and is the author of the million selling Crystal Bibles, and O-Books' series Crystal Prescriptions: the A-Z guide to healing crystals. Her books have been translated into fifteen languages. She has been voted the Kindred Spirit MBS personality of the year, and has appeared four times on the Watkins MBS list of 100 most spiritually influential living writers.

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Using this book

This chapter contains essential preliminary information. Please do not skip it as otherwise a vital part of the alchemical process may be disregarded, resulting in difficulties later in the process.

As above, so below.

The ancient Egyptians believed that 'as above, so below. As within, so without'. There was a causal relationship between acts in the physical world and those in the spiritual. This means that the rites in this book operate at two levels: the physical that incorporates the senses and bodily sensations; and the metaphysical that includes thoughts, imagination, spiritual beliefs, multidimensional consciousness and opening to the divine. The more you immerse yourself in this all-encompassing worldview, the greater will be your success with The Alchemy of Night. You must be open to erotic arousal at every level of your being, and able to stimulate that same level of intimate response in your partner, if you have one.

Structure and repetition

In this Enchiridion, the pages of the ancient tome are interleaved with modern commentaries. Even though it may appear to be repetitious, do read them all in order. Perusing each of them in turn drops the ancient Pharaoh's concepts deeper and deeper into your mind, even though they may appear obscure at first. The human brain processes information through the establishment of patterns. Three is the smallest number of elements – or repetitions – required to create a pattern. Information is, therefore, given three times, and each stage is practised a minimum of three times. P.B.R.'s commentary provides a level of understanding of the concepts, although couched in the language of his time, supplemented by explanatory notes from E.A.W.B. Moving on to the modern commentary and working through the associated rite brings enlightenment and the information is retained more readily for having first established a metaphysical pattern.

So, repetition is key. Although it is tempting to read ahead and work with the rites that appeal most, the greatest benefit is obtained from The Alchemy of Night process by following the steps slowly in the order in which they appear. Take the time to become intimately familiar with each one. Practise each rite at least three times. They are carefully crafted to prepare you for ultimate soul union and transcension of the small self to integrate with the sacred, divine, Self. The series of initiations can be worked alone or with a soul-partner (see Soulmate or Twinflame? in Chapter 4).

If co-working with a partner, do not move on to the next stage until you have each fully mastered a rite. This was the way it was worked in ancient Egypt. It bonded the two souls together in a mystic marriage that, ultimately, became sacred union.

However, if you are working alone, it is possible to complete the initiations to integrate your own masculine and feminine energies, moving from duality to wholeness and integration with your divine Highest Self. Simply follow the stages that are appropriate to the gender-body you currently occupy and use the power of your imagination to complete the steps that require an opposite gender-body.

If you do not currently have a physical partner, work up to the stage of making the inner mystic marriage and move on to ultimate union with the divine, harnessing the power of creation.

Then repeat the stages, keeping pace with an appropriate partner should you meet one. If you are working with a partner of the same gender, it is perfectly possible to complete a mystic marriage between you.

The inner mystic marriage

The inner mystic marriage unites the various parts of one's soul and Highest Self that have been male and female in other lives, or integrates the anima and animus carried through those lives.

It can be seen as bringing together the two halves of the soul that Plato says were split so long ago (see page 52). It unites inner masculine and feminine qualities, bringing us into inner wholeness. Making this mystical marriage is a profound step forward in spiritual evolution. It means we no longer have to look 'out there' for the perfect partner to complete us. We find, and integrate, all the qualities within our own Self.

As a step along the way, we may meet a seemingly perfect partner 'out there' – a soulmate – who mirrors to us an unseen and unrecognised part of our soul. But, at some stage, we need to recognise and own the qualities of that part in our inner self.

This is the moment when our 'soulmate' must withdraw to allow us to integrate those qualities. If we have already found a twinflame (see pages 52–55), our twinflame must stand aside long enough for personal inner union to take place – although it is much more usual to meet a twinflame after the inner integration is complete. You can invite a twinflame into your life (see Appendix III) at any stage. Once the inner marriage is made, we go into relationship not as a lopsided half-person looking for someone to make us whole – seeking our 'other half' – but as a whole person who has something unique to offer in relationship: the whole-self of our true being.

There was the Door to which I found no key, There was the Veil through which I might not see. Some little talk awhile of Me and Thee There was – and then no more of Thee and Me.

– The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Intention, aspiration and imagination

As you work through this book, bear in mind that three things make magical working go smoothly.

Focused intention. The higher will, rather than the personal ego, is specifically directed towards a precise objective.

Finely-tuned aspiration. An energised mind reaches for fulfilment of the highest possible outcome for that intention.

Honed imagination. Fired up, magical imagination brings the process to life on the inner planes and then manifests it on the outer. With a powerful imagination, everything is possible.

Keeping a magical journal

When working through a magical alchemical process, keep a journal in which you record your experiences, your aspirations and intentions, and your successes. The purpose of the journal is not only to record your progress but also to identify and attune to your own internal sexual rhythms. Begin by noting the time of day and the moon-phase, track your menstrual cycle if you have one, and your mood at the time. Also any distractions or stresses occurring. You will quickly pick out the most propitious time for the work, which may or may not accord with the timing the ancient Prince identified.

Writing with a pen and paper clarifies insights and brings moments of en-lighten-ment, accessing details you didn't consciously know had occurred. You'll find yourself having 'aha' moments when you say to yourself, "I don't remember experiencing that, but ..." – which may sound strange but you'll soon discover what this means if you write spontaneously.

Include all that you recall from the rites no matter how insignificant details may seem at the time. The pieces will integrate in time.

Bear in mind that The Alchemy of Night is an ongoing, holistic process that occurs at multilevels of your being. It could take a while to filter down to the physical level, 'below', from higher consciousness, 'above' – and vice versa. The alchemy does not simply take place while you are 'working the rites'. Your journal will help you to look back over a transformational jigsaw that may only make sense with the benefit of hindsight.

The Ultradian rest cycle

Although the ancient Prince identified the periods around sunrise and sunset as being when an initiate is most sexually responsive, there is another cycle of which you could take advantage. You are at your most receptive and intuitively, rather than intellectually, aware during the rest phase of the ultradian cycle. The ultradian cycle has a profound effect on which hemisphere of your brain is active during a one and a half to two-hour period that cycles throughout the twenty-four-hour circadian rhythm. In the comparatively brief ultradian cycle, high activity is followed by a twenty minute 'low' or resting period in which your parasympathetic nervous system is activated and your intuitive right brain is switched on. Your neurophysiological system realigns itself and you are more likely to be able to relax and slip into an altered state of awareness – or to integrate the changes brought about by the alchemical process. It is particularly helpful for the rites that require active imagination on your part. Attuning to your personal cycle vastly improves your ability to disconnect from the external world and simply allow. It is the ideal time to practise the rites in this book as it assists the embodiment of the Power of Sekhem.

Identifying the rest phase

This rest-phase period is characterised by:

• The outside world 'disappearing'

• The internal world becoming more vivid

• Difficulty in concentrating

• Exceedingly short attention span

• Mental fuzziness

• Low energy and fatigue

• Daydreams and sleepiness

• An urge to take a break from what you are doing

• Desperate desire for a cup of coffee, chocolate or a cigarette

• Yawning and sighing

• Irritability, discomfort and fleeting depression

• Prickling or unfocused eyes, buzzing ears

• An inability to hear or understand what is said to you the first time around

• Increased use of your hands if you find it difficult to explain something

• Increased visual imagery if you are writing or talking.

Take advantage of this natural rhythm by creating time out from your daily activities. Remove yourself from all external distractions. Breathe deeply and slowly, let yourself fall into a reverie (similar to the hypnagogic state you experience as you fall asleep or awaken). Don't try to focus, ask questions or concentrate. Simply be with what is. However, the ultradian rest phase is also an extremely potent time to practise the stage of sexual alchemy that you have reached, or to set your intention.

The 'Beloveds'

In the ancient tome, the Prince and P.B.R. speak of 'the beloveds', above and below. The 'beloved below' is the physical magical partner with whom you are being bonded step-by-step in mystic marriage (although having a physical partner is not essential for The Alchemy of Night process). The 'beloved above' is your own divine Highest Self to whom you are being bonded in sacred marriage. Ultimately your whole soul is unified by the upward flow of the Power of Sekhem joining with the transcendent light of 'above' and then being embodied 'below'.

Choosing a partner for magical sexual working

As the bonding in The Alchemy of Night is intended to be lifelong – if not for eternity as was the original temple intention – selection of an empathetic, totally harmonious, physical 'beloved' is crucial. A couple need to share common ideals, a matching sex drive and aligned spiritual intention. A mutual view of the body as sacred and the erotic as divine is essential. Profoundly honest communication and a deep level of trust are required at all levels between the partners. As this process requires total surrender of the ego and the personal will, a partner who is self-centred and arrogant is unlikely to be able to surrender to union with the divine and will not be able to enter into sacred marriage.

Randolph suggests that "no wicked person could truly love and remain wicked." Nevertheless, it is a brave soul indeed who would willingly enter into partnership in such an undertaking. The "wicked person" would have to be utterly wedded to the intention to transform Self and soul at all levels. It is one of the great lessons of soulwork that this cannot be forced upon someone, or undertaken on behalf of another. In other words, no one can do it for you. Great love may overcome obstacles, but it requires a dedication beyond the capacity of most people. With the ability to remain resolutely dispassionate and detached from results, simply holding a space in which the transformation could occur if the other person is doing their own work. So never, under any circumstances, enter into The Alchemy of Night process with the intention of it transforming or reforming your partner, only yourself. You, and you alone, are responsible for the health and well-being of your own soul. You are not required to become a saviour, rescuer, victim or martyr to 'love'. Such a soul drama has no place in metaphysical or magical working of any kind.

This process is not a recipe for fixing a less-than-ideal partnership. Alchemy cannot transform a bad relationship into a great one. Although it will transform a relationship that is already good into the best it could be.

Fidelity, both physical and psychological, is required. This is not a process that can be switched on and off at will. Nor can a new partner be substituted partway through. A vital component of the process is working together in tandem, at the same pace, to activate the chakras, physical and spiritual bodies simultaneously with each other.

Nevertheless, the practice may, to a great extent, be worked alone up to and including 'marriage with the eternal one'. This brings about union with your divine Highest Self and the greater whole, the godhead 'All That Is'.

If you have a non-magically-compatible sexual partner who is not on the same pathway, a period of sexual abstinence may be required whilst you complete the process for yourself. Do not attempt to involve such a partner in The Alchemy of Night as it would create false bonds that could tie your souls together inappropriately and for far longer than you may have anticipated.

Past life contacts

Meeting someone with whom you have had a past life relationship can be an overwhelming sensation, one that 'sucker punches' you in the base and sacral chakras. The pull can be immense. But it may be inappropriate. It may feel as though this is 'The One'. But don't tumble too quickly into bed – and especially not into The Alchemy of Night process. The soul bond needs to be at the highest level and previous life relationships tend to make themselves felt at an extremely physical level that may not reflect the true potential of the soul bond. As I said in The Soulmate Myth:

You meet. Bells ring, the world turns rosy pink, bluebirds weave their dancing flight, and for a few weeks – or months, perhaps even years – everything is sublime, you are with 'The One'. The one person who can make you happy and complete. The person you love without question or restraint. The one you've searched for all your life, were created for. But then it begins, little niggling doubts that you push aside until the next time, or a monstrous great betrayal you cannot ignore. Is this really the one, can your other half really be the source of so much pain, so much soul scouring?

Wonderful, marvellous, the best thing that ever happened, your other half – or the biggest delusion ever? This is the question that lies at the heart of the soulmate dilemma. Many people are still reeling from meeting a soulmate years after the event, others yearn for what might have been ... These wondrous beings sweep into our life, lust and desire in their wake, they fire up our lower chakras pushing out all that is outworn and outgrown. They prod and poke, wake us up, drive us from a stultifying relationship or into living out our soul's purpose – or not as the case so often is if the initial attraction is misunderstood. Sometimes, they offer us love ever after, but equally often they flow out of our lives again when their task is complete.

So, check carefully before assuming that, just because all your chakras light up at that first meeting, you actually have met the perfect partner with whom to undertake The Alchemy of Night.

That wave of lust may simply be a way of energetically saying, "Hi, nice to see you again." It does not necessarily mean "and here we go again." You may need to acknowledge the contact – and then run like hell. Or take the time to discover why you've come into contact again. Previous twinflame relationships tend to be felt in the heart as an all-encompassing cloud of unconditional love enveloping your whole being. This is the one to move towards and gently explore the possibilities!

The difference between a soulmate and contact based on a past life relationship that may be past-its-sell-by-date, and one with a twinflame with whom a mystic marriage has been made in the past and is still relevant today is explored further in 'Soulmate or twinflame' on page 52. If a relationship is past-its-sell-by-date, tie cutting between you is essential before you move on, as is outdated contract dissolution. (See Appendix IV.)


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Table of Contents

Introduction: Sweetening the night, 1,
Chapter 1: Using this book, 8,
Chapter 2: A Lost Key, 26,
Chapter 3: The Alchemy in action, 36,
Chapter 4: The Flames of Mut and Min, 43,
Chapter 5: Opening the Central Suns, 57,
Chapter 6: Raising the Fire of Mut (the female Flame), 85,
Chapter 7: Raising the Fire of Min (the male Flame), 98,
Chapter 8: Raising the twin flames in unison, 108,
Chapter 9: Entering into marriage with the eternal one, 117,
Chapter 10: Commencing the Mystic Marriage, 126,
Chapter 11: Completing the mystic marriage and attaining cosmic orgasm, 136,
Chapter 12: Harnessing the magic of creation, 146,
Chapter 13: The Transcendental Flame, 150,
Appendix I: Crystal Care, 159,
Appendix II: Attracting a twinflame, 163,
Appendix III: Spiritual divorce, 167,
Appendix IV: Tie cutting and partnership-contract dissolution, 171,
Appendix V: Reframing past-their-sell-by-date vows and contracts, 176,
Further Reading, 181,
Endnotes, 182,

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