The Mathematical Parable of 19: Allah (God's) Holy Number

The Mathematical Parable of 19: Allah (God's) Holy Number

by Rasheed L. Muhammad


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In this book you will understand certain realities, not merely in spirituality as it relates to the number 19 God in Person, human nature, UFO's and the Universal Change taking place now at lightning speed. Allah has now actively permitted His angels to discharge His weapons of Divine Judgment i.e. rain, hail, snow, earth quakes, meteors, heat rays from the sun, and creators from beneath the earth.Very wise Jews, Christians, Muslims and other spiritual scientists, know the significance of the number 19 and why the Judgment is unfolding not only in America, but worldwide. This book demonstrates how ancient religious scientists and scholars understood this number 19 to represent the signature of God that is over the entire progression of Judgment.During these end times, God is using His signature to bring forth the final end of a world order, under white authority, which has run its course. In this book, "Mathematical Parable of 19: Allah (God's) Holy Number" you shall clearly and mathematically see how America, the western world and all its vassal governments shall not escape the Divine Judgment of God. {Holy Quran 19:30] "Over it is 19".

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