The Meanest of Times

The Meanest of Times

by Dropkick MurphysDropkick Murphys

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record)



Dropkick Murphys are a band closely tied to their roots in Boston, proud products of a working-class neighborhood where kids suffered through Catholic school, grew up to be regulars in the local bar, and watched their friends do the exact same thing. Life isn't always easy, and it's in these moments of hardship that many of the tracks on The Meanest of Times find their muse. The record is a dark, passionate, and rousing collection of songs that fit in nicely with the Murphys' unfailing back catalog of gritty beer-soaked punk rock anthems. But even in its consistency with everything else the Beantown crew has ever released, The Meanest of Times stands tall as the band's tightest and most developed set of songs yet. With such ease, the Murphys combine eyes-wide observation, rough defiance, and emotion rubbed raw into heartfelt songs like the explosive opening duo of "Famous for Nothing" and "God Willing," where elegiac bagpipes coexist with searing guitars and delicate mandolins supplement aggressive drum rolls. Traditional songs also get model Murphy makeovers; "Spancil Hill" gets Boston-ized into the mournful "Fairmount Hill," while "Lannigan's Ball" takes a nice shot of punk rock adrenaline to turn it into the clamorous romp of "(F)lannigan's Ball," complete with guest vocals from the Pogues' Spider Stacy and the Dubliners' Ronnie Drew. Elsewhere -- in varying degrees of unrestrained energy and sore-throat shout-singing -- the crew relates tales of families broken and friends lost, the sad realities only proving further that above all else, it's being true to yourself and the ones you love that is most important. But it's not all just heartfelt sappiness; this is the Dropkick Murphys, so be assured the emotion is still packed into about 45 minutes of beer-sloshing riotous punk rock glory.

Product Details

Release Date: 10/23/2007
Label: Dropkick Murphys
UPC: 0075597996616
catalogNumber: 312892

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Dropkick Murphys   Primary Artist
Matt Kelly   Drums,Background Vocals
Chris Baum   Violin
Spider Stacy   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Charles Webb   Sounds
Tex Williams & the Western Caravan   Sounds
Rick Barton   Guitar
Ken Casey   Bass Guitar,Vocals
Ronnie Drew   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Mark Carey   Background Vocals
Barr   Vocals
Andrew Webb   Sounds
James Lynch   Guitar,Background Vocals
Marc Orrell   Banjo,Guitar,Accordion,Background Vocals
Scruffy Wallace   Bagpipes
Tim Weed   Violin
Tim Brennan   Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Mandolin,Accordion,Background Vocals,tin whistle
Eric Baird   Sampling
Armand Aromin   Violin
Emma Casey   Sounds
Liam Casey   Sounds
Keith Dickerhofe   Cello
Matthew Edwards   Double Bass
Halley Feaster   Cello
Kathryn Griffin   Sounds
Morgan Hurley   Sounds
John Kingsley   Violin
Jeni Magaña   Double Bass
Andy Reiner   Violin
Kenny "Welcome To The Jungle" Tallent   Bagpipes
Brandon Webb   Sounds
Declan Webb   Sounds
Ian Webb   Sounds

Technical Credits

Jim Siegel   Engineer
Scott Riebling   Equipment Rental
Dave Slevin   Engineer
Dropkick Murphys   Composer
Kristen Smith   Engineer
Traditional   Composer
John Cohan   Drum Technician
Matt Tahaney   Engineer
Colin Galvin   Cover Model
Raymond Jeffrey   Engineer
Tim "High Society" Brett   Photo Assistance
Brendan Costello   Cover Model
Halley Feaster   String Arrangements
Kailynn Finnigan   Cover Model
Jack Flaherty   Cover Model
Sydney Galvin   Cover Model
Joseph Gloosian   Art Direction
Molly Hedderman   Cover Model
Kerry Breet Hurley   Cover Photo
"Uncle" Pete Macphee   Illustrations
Chris Rioux   Digital Art
Olivia Swanson   Cover Model
Greyson Welch   Video Editor
Matthew Ball   Cover Model

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