The Mexican War of Independence

The Mexican War of Independence

by R. Conrad Stein

Hardcover(Library Binding)



Since Hernando Cortes conquered the Aztec empire in the sixteenth century, Mexico had been ruled by the kingdom of Spain. They treated the once mighty land as a colony, exploiting its people and tightly controlling the affairs of the nation to keep it from growing strong. Any talk of freedom or revolution was strictly barred by law.

But as the philosophical movement called the Enlightenment swept through Europe, and revolutions toppled oppressive monarchies in America and France, the people of Mexico began to think of driving out the Spanish and establishing their own country as a very real possibility.

It was a priest from a distant and tiny parish named Father Manuel Hidalgo who started Mexico's War of Independence, leading an ever-growing army of Mexican people against the massive force of the Spanish army. It was Jose Maria Morelos, another priest and a onetime student of Hidalgo, who took up the reins of the revolution when Hidalgo could no longer lead the people.

The Spanish were not about to give up their prized colony without a fight though, and they retaliated against the revolutionaries with brutal viciousness. Before long, all of Mexico was wrapped in a war that would decide the future of two nations.

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ISBN-13: 9781599350547
Publisher: Morgan Reynolds Pub
Publication date: 08/28/2007
Series: Story of Mexico Series
Pages: 144
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Table of Contents

The Cry of Dolores     11
New Spain     14
The Englightenment     31
Hidalgo     41
The Battle of the Banners     52
Guerilla Warfare     66
Morelos     74
The Dream and the Defeat     87
The Collapse of the Spanish Empire     95
Iturbide and Final Independence     103
Viva Mexico!     113
Timeline     133
Sources     137
Bibliography     141
Web sites     142
Index     143

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