The Modern Alpha Male: A Guide to Masculinity, Women, Money, Assertiveness and Success

The Modern Alpha Male: A Guide to Masculinity, Women, Money, Assertiveness and Success

by Damon Johnson


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From Beta to Alpha: Reclaim Your Masculinity and Become the Confident Leader of the Pack You've Always Wanted to Be.

"Finally a book comes along which is perfect for the modern man living in this often confusing world."
Tom Ferris, Author and Businessman

How many romantic dates, job promotions, or hidden dreams have you missed and wasted the opportunity to act on because you were afraid of failing?

How many times have you watched someone achieve what you've always wanted and felt that terrible pang of jealousy and self-pity? No man is born confident, assertive, and fearless. But anyone can become confident.

When it comes to confidence and success, the most important decisive factor is YOU.

"The definitive masculinity guide."
Mens Health

The term "Alpha male" has been misused so many times, people now connect it with the image of arrogant, testosterone-fueled bodybuilders. But the real Alpha men are, in reality, nothing like that.

They are assertive but kind. Confident, but aware of their flaws. They project masculinity with their actions and words, not muscles. They know how to stand up for themselves without being aggressive.

But most importantly, they go straight for what they want. Yes, they sometimes fail, but they stand right up, brush off, and face the next challenge with the same vigor and determination. They were not born like that. They discovered how to become like that.

"What a fabulous book, modern and to the point."
Chris Hill, Author

Being the Alpha male has nothing to do with physical appearance. You don't need huge biceps to get respect in a room or get the girl.

Alphas succeed because they know how to succeed. They use their heads, not muscles, to claim what they want.

Being an Alpha is a state of mind, and nothing is stopping you to become one yourself.

"The most simple to follow yet effective guide to masculinity I have ever read!"
Carl Leftfield, International Speaker

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ISBN-13: 9798675427109
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 08/15/2020
Pages: 128
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