The Modern Day Prophet

The Modern Day Prophet

by R. C. Watson


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And this is the faith that overcomes the world, "If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you." (Matthew 17:20)

THE MODERN DAY PROPHET contains a broad range of subject matter and discusses some uncommon topics ranging from Angels to Warlocks. Each topic is related and satisfies an innate quest for knowledge while presenting intellectual challenges. Answers and solutions are provided to numerous creation mysteries and the supernatural realm of Angels and Demons. Navigating through THE MODERN DAY PROPHET imparts a clearer understanding of the Bible and puts life in a more significant perspective. Some of the presentations are challenging to world-view but are brought alive while creating an illusion of being on a journey through time and space, and emerging with peace and understanding.

R.C. Watson, a multi-talented Christian believer, shares his experience with having a visitation by an Angel that left an impartation. After becoming born-again, God utilized his innate desire to learn by revealing knowledge on the following topics:

• Angels Sent from Heaven
• The Origin and Character of Demonic, or Unclean Spirits
• Wizardry, as Revealed by the Holy Spirit
• An In-depth Understanding of Generational Curses
• Creation and the Big Bang Theory

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ISBN-13: 9781477267578
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/21/2014
Pages: 240
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The Modern Day Prophet

By R.C. Watson


Copyright © 2014 R.C. Watson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4772-6757-8



By having regularly attended Sunday school as a child and been a member of the Junior Choir and usher team, I can genuinely say I was practically raised in the Church. Shortly after my twelfth birthday as I sat there at the kitchen table, my mother told me it was time for me to get baptized. So on the following Sunday I went up to accept the pastor invitation to join the church. The pastor embraced me with an arm around my shoulder and introduced me to the congregation as an aspiring member and called for a vote. Since no one opposed, he shook my hand and welcomed me as a new member and candidate for baptism.

The following Sunday, the pastor baptized more than a dozen of us during the morning service. Our pastor was eighty-two years old and without doubt, agile and strong enough to perform the baptismal service without any assistance from the deacons.

Several weeks later, my mother noticed a change in me and since I was young and naïve, I was not aware that the change she noticed was salvation. I had gotten saved and become a new born-again believer! It wasn't long afterwards that I became somewhat dejected when she implied that the change was to commence acting effeminate. Weeks later, my real persecution came in the form of being bullied by a couple of classmates who were obviously encouraged to do so because of my having curly hair. I just happened to be the only boy in the school with curly hair. These two boys who were kin to each other ended up dropping out of school just prior to entering Junior High. Their reasons for quitting may have been out of the fear of failing again or making the transition to a large Junior/Senior High School.

During the course of that year, my family and I moved out of the projects to a new two bedroom apartment where my two sisters shared the smaller bedroom and I slept on a rollaway there in the kitchen. Even so, I remember loving to see the arrival of bedtime because this was exclusively my private time when I would kneel by the side of my bed and pray and cry silently. During those days, the Lord gave me numerous beautiful dreams.

Several months later, the Lord gave me a dream that left me feeling a little saddened. In the dream I was floating up high in the sky among the clouds and saw a big beautiful golden castle with many peaks and windows. While admiring the castle, it slowly began to drift away. In the dream I was saying, "Wait! Wait!" but it continued drifting away and practically out of sight. Even though I was twelve at the time, I knew the Lord was telling me I was running the risk of missing heaven.

This dream was a warning and it was the first prophetic dream I can recall. I have since come to realize that there are many others like myself who became born-again as a child and didn't tell anyone because they themselves were not aware of what had happened. Chances are that if my mother had received and retained salvation, she more than likely would have been able to recognize salvation rather than to have been condemning.

If a believer has become born-again and has a Prophetic Calling, that calling may soon manifest. I believe that this statement may apply to any believer who has any of the five ministerial callings listed in Ephesians.

The Prophetic Calling is oftentimes misunderstood by the clergy as well as laymen due to vague teachings and the lack of having attained spiritual maturity. Divine callings are ministries that are specifically designed for believers before they are born, and Spiritual Gifts are the tools given to enable the operation of the calling. Spiritual Gifts may never manifest without the presence of the Holy Spirit. However, it is very common for Spiritual Gifts to overflow from saved members of the family into the lives of other unsaved family members.

One commonality among all believers called into the Prophetic ministry is that they all have the gift of Discerning of Spirits. It is potentially discouraging to know that some believers and even ministers do not understand the Prophetic Calling or the spiritual gifts that accompany the calling, and therefore have the tendency to discount every aspect of prophetic ministries. The gift of Discerning of Spirits is the one gift that is most threatening to Satan's kingdom. It is a type of spiritual radar that searches out and exposes the presence of devils and their unclean spirits. Since this gift is diverse and has a variety of operations, it could take years for a believer to become competent in its operation. There are some who operate in their spiritual gifts incorrectly due to misconceptions and a lack of knowledge. More specifically, sometimes a demonic spirit may control the operation of a spiritual gift which minimizes its effectiveness. It took me about a decade to satisfactorily learn the operation of the Discerning of Spirits, and in all actuality I'm still learning.

The gift of Discerning of Spirits can become more diverse as the believer grows. When working through the sense of smell, the gift may enable the believer to smell prayer; smell the presence of the Holy Spirit; detect unclean spirits and detect such sicknesses such as Aids, Cancer, Diabetes, STD's and Vertigo, etc. Further diversification of this gift may operate through the senses of hearing, sight, touch, and through dreams and visions.

It is grieving to know that most practitioners of the occult operate at a higher level of understanding spiritual things than the average born-again believer, (Luke 16:8). All Christians hold the same basic belief regarding Jesus' birth, death and resurrection but some have difficulty in believing other things of a spiritual nature unless they have seen it with their own eyes. The general consensus of the average occult practitioner veers to the left onto a different path. For the most part, they believe Jesus was a prophet but do not believe he is the Messiah or that he was resurrected from the dead. Similarly, most occultists believe that there are other ways to get to heaven other than through Jesus.

Young in Christ and Fasting

Reflecting back, some twenty five years ago when I was just beginning to learn how to fast, I found it very difficult. During those days, I would get very hungry and weak while fasting only two day, and augmented my fasting by eating five raisins a day. As time passed, I began to understand that the successful employment of fasting is something that a believer grows into. The body and mind has to be conditioned for fasting. Fasting is a discipline that could take years to attain, and is more difficult to accomplish during the fall and winter seasons of life. This metaphoric homework is better done earlier in life.

Those who undertake the discipline of fasting have to keep in mind that in order to avoid complications in waste elimination after an extended fast; do not include meat in the last three meals preceding the fast. I've heard some say they have fasted for days without drinking water. This type of fast is not for me. Since I am tall and have always been lean and never had a lot of water retention; the only way I will go without water while fasting is that I can't get any. Water keeps me hydrated and flushes out impurities that have built up in my body. Water is also representative of the Holy Spirit, and when drinking water during a fast; I view it as representative of my desire for God to fill me with his Holy Spirit. All in all, there is still much more one could learn about the discipline of fasting.

Operating in the Prophetic

In the Prophetic Calling, each Prophet or Prophetess is subject to interject aspects of their own personality into a prophetic word. The inference is similar to the variation in how different artists may express their interpretation of a common idea on canvas. The clarity of a prophetic word also has a lot to do with the level of spirituality a Prophet is operating in at that time. When the prophetic is revealed through dreams, that word may be clouded if the prophetic person has eaten a large enriched meal just prior to going to sleep. If a Prophet is going through a tremendous amount of spiritual warfare, spiritual vision may also be clouded. There are some Prophets who have grown to a level wherein they are able to catch a vision while fully awake. As any believer mature over the years, they may become sensitive to the presence of sin. The solution for such sensitivity is to spend much time walking with and talking with God. Those with faith have to keep in mind that the prophetic could emanate from anyone God decides to send a message through.

In order to avoid unnecessary conflict, sometimes a person who is prophetic should not tell their dream but only the interpretation. The prophetic is always handled with wisdom and delicacy while keeping in mind that some do not believe dreams hold any real significance. Many if not most prophetic dreams ought not to be taken at face value because oftentimes they are presented in symbols and have to be interpreted. God oftentimes speaks utilizing Divine Symbols for the purpose of bringing the believer to a higher level. The expansion of the mind through the use of Divine Symbols facilitates spiritual growth and developing, and prepares the believer for a position in God's kingdom.

Natural Family/Spiritual Family

When one gets saved, their salvation is not necessarily going to bring about a closer relationship with family members and friends, but frequently causes just the opposite. The reason for this is that if family members are non-believers, they are void of understanding the intangible. On the other hand, a whole family may get saved as a result of one family member coming to Christ. When a person makes a decision to accept Jesus as Lord, their salvation should become more important to them than family ties and friendships. Therefore, the believer should not take it to heart if conflicts develop with family or friends, and should never compromise their faith. Luke 12:51-53 says: "Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: *For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. *The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law." When distractions and conflict occur, Jesus demonstrated in (Matthew 12:46-50) the type of perspective a believer should have.

Old Testament Prophets

Some of the Old Testament Prophets, (OTP) traveled into the heavenly realm in the spirit, (Revelation 4:1-2). Those who did so had well developed minds and spirituality and were able to detach themselves from earthly concerns. They were God's anointed. One could recognize an OTP, especially when looking them in the eyes because the eyes can reveal the depth of the mind. Having depth of the mind is one of the things that help make a prophet a prophet. The demeanor of the OTP was perhaps somewhat scary to some in those days due to not knowing exactly what to expect while in their presence. Therefore, the persona of an OTP was an indicator of fearlessness, certainty, wisdom and other godly attributes.

Old Testament Prophets had the appropriate vision for their dispensation which was to foreshadow the coming of Jesus. Many OTPs foretold God's disposition and judgment toward the people relative to their sins. Some preached and warn the people of God's forthcoming wrath if the people did not repent. Other OTPs demonstrated the power of God through the working of miracles. Great prophets such as Moses and Elias (Elijah) were types and shadows of our forthcoming Savior, Jesus Christ. These were the two that appeared with Jesus in the Mountain of Transfiguration, (Matthew 17:2), symbolizing perfect agreement within the Godhead. Speculation is that Moses and Elijah came from heaven and appeared with Jesus to encourage him prior to his crucifixion.

New Testament Prophets

The ministry of New Testament Prophets, (NTP) differs slightly from Old Testament Prophets due to vision. The basic ministry of all Prophets is to minister unto the Lord and receive firsthand information and messages directly from God.

All prophets of the New Testament dispensation are called to be intercessors and to focus on what God is saying to the Church. One specific role of the NTP is to be used by the Holy Spirit as eyes and ears in the Church - searching out hidden sin and sickness. When a Prophet has his own set of sins, God will not show him the sins of others in the Church, but their gift may still be in operation, (Matthew 7:3 & 5)! Prophets may receive specific messages or instruction for the Church as a whole, or for individuals, and even for himself. The NTP is oftentimes shown world events and the onset of natural disasters. Prophets of nowadays are used by God to impart a higher level of the anointing in the Church, and to elevate the level of faith to where believers can be expectant of miracles.

The prophetic ministry of a NTP has been geared exclusively for this dispensation with emphasis on the entire spectrum of the ministry of Jesus Christ. Based on signs of the time and the urgent messages being sent to the Church, there is an indication that Jesus may return during our era, and for people not to waste any time, but to get ready expediently.

The ministry of each modern day Prophet is custom tailored to a Prophet's God-given abilities. A Prophet such as Prophet Manasseh Jordan was born being a Prophet. Since the prophetic rubs off on family members, the children of Prophets are subject to inherit a prophetic calling. The results mean that there could emerge a whole family of siblings that are prophetic.

An impact statement is to say: There is the potential for the prophetic realm to open up to every Holy Spirit filled believer! Therefore a young believer could unconsciously be pursuing a higher calling, and the development of that calling could lead them towards becoming a modern day Prophet. On the other hand, their dreams, visions, and gifts could be muted and simply lay dormant.

If a Prophet is not the pastor of the church he attends, he should not override the pastor's authority. However, it is unfortunate that some Pastors and laymen are not able to receive from Prophets due to their own unbelief. Oftentimes there is a limit on how much of the prophetic some believers can receive before rejection sets in. Usually such rejection occurs due to a stronghold of stubbornness, hard headedness, sickness and the chains and shackles of sexual, and/or witchcraft bondages. Such was the case with a Baptist pastor who was of the elite and mighty men of today. God showed him wearing metaphoric shackles around his wrists along with thumb cuffs. This pastor literally had enough strength in his hands to break the bones of an adversary as one would break a pencil. When a Prophet finds such strongholds of resistance, sometimes he has to step back, let go, and let God!

Some Prophets are rovers or circuit riders who visit various churches while seeing in the spirit a churches' good works as well as short comings. Sometimes the prophetic message is so strong and impacting that the Prophet has to leave to avoid surmountable persecution. Relative to this statement, Jesus said in (Matthew 23:37). "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee,". Usually God ministers to his Prophets when they have been spiritually bruised and wounded. The collective prayers of the elders, intercessors, and other Prophets may also serve this purpose. A Prophet also has to remain humble and open to receive qualified help or a prophetic word emanating from others.

Signs and wonders are hindered in the prophetic ministries of our era! One of the key reasons is that the atmosphere is heavily bombarded and literally saturated with secular energy that was not present during Old Testament time. We find that our atmosphere is clouded with radio waves, television waves, microwaves, short waves, electromagnetic waves, thought waves, and vocalizations. Air pollution is also a factor that has changed the characteristics of our atmosphere to a level where it has becomes more difficult to get prayers through. Our atmosphere is invisibly demonic nowadays and believers may have to sometimes pray harder and longer to get prayers through.

Becoming Spiritual via the Holy Ghost

After a believer receives the Holy Ghost, God confirms that believer as being his son or daughter, similar to the way he recognized Jesus after he was baptized. Therefore, the scripture which says God gave them power to become sons of God, (John 1:12) is fulfilled when one receives the Holy Ghost. Those born again-believers who do not receive the Holy Spirit, do not receive for a number of reasons: 1) Because of not receiving proper teaching about the Holy Ghost, and being too deeply indoctrinated; 2) because of not having the Holy Ghost ministered to them; 3) because of an inability or unwillingness to come out of fornication; 4) or, because of an unwillingness to accept sanctification and to continually seek the Lord. Sometimes God does a quick work with a newly converted believer by saving them and filling them with the Holy Ghost in the same hour. This oftentimes happens due to the extra efforts of ministers and intercessors.


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