The Mojo Manifesto

The Mojo Manifesto

by Mojo NixonMojo Nixon

CD(Bonus DVD)

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Release Date: 03/27/2020
Label: Manifesto Records
UPC: 0767004680125
catalogNumber: 46801
Rank: 18485


Disc 1

  1. Jesus at McDonalds
  2. Mushroom Maniac
  3. Moanin' With Your Mama
  4. Promised Land Tonight
  5. Guns to My Head
  6. I'm in Love With Your Girlfriend
  7. Rockin' Religion
  8. Big Payback
  9. Comin' Down
  10. Mama Possums
  11. King of the Couch
  12. Art Fag Shuffle
  13. Black Yo' Eye

Disc 2

  1. The Amazing Bigfoot Diet
  2. Stuffin' Martha's Muffin
  3. I Hate Banks
  4. Feeling Existential
  5. Be My Lover
  6. Where the Hell's My Money
  7. Gonna Put My Face on a Nuclear Bomb
  8. Ain't Got No Boss
  9. I'm Living With a Three-Foot Anti-Christ
  10. Gonna Eat Them Words
  11. Twilight's Last Gleaming
  12. 23 Mile Ride
  13. In a Gadda Da Vida
  14. The Ballad of Wendell Scott
  15. Get Out of My Way
  16. Rutabagas
  17. Burn Down the Malls
  18. Son of Santa
  19. Transylvanian Xmas
  20. Jesus at McDonalds

Disc 3

  1. Elvis Is Everywhere
  2. We Gotta Have More Soul!
  3. I Ain't Gonna Piss in No Jar
  4. The Polka Polka
  5. I'm Gonna Dig Up Howlin' Wolf
  6. The Story of One Chord
  7. Gin Guzzlin' Frenzy
  8. B.B.Q. U.S.A
  9. Positively Bodies Parking Lot
  10. Wash No Dishes No More
  11. Lincoln Logs
  12. Wide Open
  13. Don't Want No Foo-Foo Haircut on My Head

Disc 4

  1. Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two Headed Love Child
  2. (619) 239-King
  3. This Land Is Your Land
  4. Pirate Radio
  5. Chicken Drop
  6. Tennessee Jive
  7. Louisiana Liplock
  8. I'm a Wreck
  9. Legalize It
  10. Burn Your Money!
  11. Circus Mystery
  12. She's Vibrator Dependent
  13. High School Football Friday Night

Disc 5

  1. Destroy All Lawyers
  2. I Wanna Race Bigfoot Trucks
  3. Ain't High Falutin'
  4. Shane's Dentist
  5. Rabies Baby
  6. Put a Sex Mo-Sheen in the White House
  7. Star Spangled Mojo
  8. You Can Dress 'Em Up (But You Can't Take 'Em Out)
  9. Don Henley Must Die
  10. Perry Mason of Love
  11. Took Out the Trash and Never Came Back
  12. Gonna Be a New World

Disc 6

  1. Happy Birthday
  2. Trim Yo' Tree
  3. Good King Wenceslas
  4. Mr. Grinch
  5. Head Crushing Yuletide Sing-A-Long
  6. It's Christmas Time
  7. Jingle Bells
  8. Boogie Woogie Santa Claus
  9. Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto
  10. Run Rudolph Run
  11. We Three Kings
  12. Everyday Will Be a Holiday
  13. Sleigh Ride
  14. Little Man Song
  15. Go Tell It on a Mountain
  16. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Disc 7

  1. Gotta Be Free
  2. Not as Much as Football
  3. Mr. Correct (Don't Tell Me What to Do)
  4. Buck Up & Stop Your Whinin'
  5. My Free Will Just Ain't Willin'
  6. Girlfriend in a Coma
  7. The Pleasurelegience
  8. Don't Ask Me Why I Drink
  9. My T.V. Is Watchin' Me
  10. Take a Look in My Eyes
  11. Tie My Pecker to My Leg
  12. You Can't Kill Me
  13. If I Can Dream

Disc 8

  1. Ufo's Big Rigs & BBQ
  2. Bring Me the Head of David Geffen
  3. I Like Marijuana
  4. The Poontango
  5. Take Me to Your Leader
  6. Are You Drinkin' With Me Jesus?
  7. Winnebago Warrior
  8. King O' Sleaze
  9. Beer Ain't Drinkin'
  10. Go Back Home
  11. Death Row Blues
  12. Amsterdam Dogshit Blues
  13. I'm Drunk
  14. Tulane
  15. She's All Liquored Up
  16. High School Is a Prison
  17. Richard Petty

Disc 9

  1. I Don't Want No Cybersex
  2. The Ballad of Country Dick
  3. Drunk-Divorced Floozie (The Ballad of Diana Spencer)
  4. U.P.S. My Heart to You
  5. Machines Ain't Music/I Got My Mojo Working
  6. Disney Is the Enemy
  7. Rock N' Roll Hall of Lame
  8. I Gotta Crazy Wife
  9. You Can't Buy Cool
  10. Tankman Blues
  11. Orenthal James (Was a Mighty Bad Man)
  12. Redneck Rampage
  13. When Did I Become My Day

Disc 10

  1. I Wanna Kill My Wife Tonight
  2. Just a Little Favor for the Kinkster
  3. Kinky Is Everywhere
  4. World Cup '94
  5. Christians I Hate 'Em
  6. Can't Find My Keys
  7. Ain't Got Nobody
  8. What's Up Judge Judy's Ass
  9. Dr. Laura Who Made You God
  10. Prisoner of the Tiki Room
  11. Promised Land II
  12. You Gotta Be Insane to Fly in Small Private Planes
  13. I Gotta Connect
  14. Arctic Eveil Knievel (Luge Team Song)
  15. Apartment Zero
  16. I Ain't Gonna Piss in No Jar (Rat Music)
  17. I Don't Want No 'Sparagus

Disc 11

  1. Burn Down the Malls
  2. Elvis Is Everywhere
  3. (619) 239-Kings
  4. Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two-Headed Love Child
  5. Destroy All Lawyers
  6. Mr. Grinch (Rough Cat)
  7. Redneck Rampage

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mojo Nixon   Primary Artist,Guitar,Bongos,Vocals,Pedals
John Doe   Bass,Background Vocals
Skid Roper   Banjo,Bass,Harmonica,Mandolin,Bongos,Maracas,Tambourine,Washboard,12-string Guitar,Bells,Upright Bass
Bill Davis   Guitar,Background Vocals
Steve Wynn   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Pat Craig   Vocals
Caren Abrams   Harmonia
Bertram Brown   Background Vocals
William C. Brown   Background Vocals
Ben Cauley   Trumpet
Tom Clifford   Harmonica
Leif Cole   Horn
Jim Crosthwait   Background Vocals
Carmaig DeForest   Vocals
David Farage   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Douglas Farage   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Joe Flood   Fiddle,Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals
Pete Gordon   Piano,Vocals
"Fish" Herring   Trumpet
Paul Kamanski   Choir, Chorus
Mighty Joe Longa   Hammond B3
Dean Markley   Strings
Mike Martt   Vocals,Slide Guitar
Mike Middleton   Drums,Vocals
Country Dick Montana   Drums,Vocals
Blackie Pagano   Bass
Will Rigby   Drums,Vocals
Jay Sherman-Godfrey   Guitar
Jim Spake   Saxophone
Jeremy Tepper   Harmonica (Electric)
Robby Turner   Steel Guitar
Rick Wilkins   Vocals
Scott Yoder   Bass
Joey Harris   Vocals
Bruce Joyner   Choir, Chorus
Sam Chammas   Vocals
East Memphis Slim   Piano
Gopher Killer   Vocals
Ken Layne   Vocals
Irene Liberatore   Vocals
Jeremy Jacobsen   Clappers
Dean Naleway   Choir, Chorus
Earl B. Freedom   Bass,Vocals
Chris Davies   Choir, Chorus
Luther Dickinson   Guitar
Scott Riley   Choir, Chorus
Sean McCarthy   Bass,Vocals
Johnette   Choir, Chorus
Charl Brown   Choir, Chorus
Jim Martone   Horn
Albert Caiti   Background Vocals
Peter Webster   Choir, Chorus
Patrick Benfield   Organ
Eric Roscoe Ambel   Background Vocals
Jim Spate   Saxophone
Simon Chardlet   Guitar
Horny Hornswagglin' Hollerin' Choir   Choir, Chorus
Phony Joe   Hammond B3
Allan Waddle   Choir, Chorus
Jane Robson   Harmonia
Reed McCoy   Trumpet
Zooty   Bells

Technical Credits

Chuck Berry   Composer
Dead Kennedys   Composer
John Doe   Liner Notes
Mojo Nixon   Arranger,Composer
David Peel   Composer
Skid Roper   Arranger,Composer
Bill Davis   Composer,Liner Notes
Steve Wynn   Liner Notes
Michael Bruce   Composer
Marty Cooper   Composer
Hidle Brown Barnum   Composer
Peter Berryman   Composer
James Luther Dickinson   Producer
Robert Feist   Engineer
Bob Forman   Graphic Design
Cliff Goldsmith   Composer
Ron Goudie   Producer
John Hampton   Engineer
Doug Ingle   Composer
Bill Inglot   Producer,Art Direction
Roland Janes   Engineer
Paul Kamanski   Composer
Bob Krusen   Engineer
Johnny Marr   Composer
Rusty McFarland   Producer,Engineer
Country Dick Montana   Composer
McKinley Morganfield   Composer
Morrissey   Composer
Don Smith   Engineer
Jeremy Tepper   Liner Notes
Joey Harris   Composer,Liner Notes
David Eaton   Engineer
Peter Heur   Liner Notes
Patrick Pending   Art Direction
Erik Della Penna   Composer
Dave Schultz   Producer,Art Direction
John Clayton Azo   Art Direction
Dan Perloff   Producer
Steve Poltz   Composer
Scott Ambrose Reilly   Management
Evan Cohen   Executive Producer
Earl B. Freedom   Art Direction
Laurena Allan   Liner Notes
Robert Gordon   Liner Notes
Traditional   Composer
W. Earl Brown   Composer
Randy Burns   Engineer
John Harvey   Engineer
Lisa M. Sutton   Art Direction
Bullethead   Producer
Albert Caiti   Engineer
Dick Montana   Liner Notes
Eric Roscoe Ambel   Producer
Patrick Dillon   Cover Painting
Mudbone   Producer
Glen Pull   Composer
Troy Finamore   Art Direction
Brett Dallesandro   Art Direction

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