The Mortal God: Heart of History Series. Book I

The Mortal God: Heart of History Series. Book I

by S. T. Wolff


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'The Mortal God' Heart of History. Series Book I. The Heart of History Series is a collection of books focusing on TRUE history. The series is intended to share the power and wanes of those who once lived. They say it is the conquerors who write history, yet thankfully there is information to combat it. A thorough investigation is the key to the series, and its findings, whether pleasant or not, are as honest and as true as possible. Why romanticize the past when real history is more interesting. The nature of the series is simple, getting to the heart of the stories; and finding every slight of information and documentation to deliver it within a vision that is understandable and educational.

Book I, 'The Mortal God,' is about a most significant man to history. Some would call him a tyrant, some a savior. Many people have written about him, yet rarely any have got it right. This NEW book shows who he really was. He was vulnerable, courageous, loving, and quick tempered, and passionate with everything he did with people or his enemies. He would always show his true educated self in a way that was quite extraordinary and unique.. He was a visionary, artist, and also very brutal. His tenacity was unmatched even by some of the greatest people in history. This book shows not only his personal life but those who he influenced too. He conquered the known world within a very short time, quite a feat within any time frame. He lived to excess and died by it. He was Alexander the Great.

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ISBN-13: 9781504968164
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Publication date: 12/11/2015
Pages: 154
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