The Mystical Odyssey of a Redneck from Texas: A Modern Hero's Journey

The Mystical Odyssey of a Redneck from Texas: A Modern Hero's Journey

by Mike Ward


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Mark Twain argued that truth is stranger than fiction. It is certainly more powerful. The Mystical Odyssey of a Redneck from Texas will not only shock and intrigue but transform lives as well.

A young redneck-a curious, outdoorsy kid-races crawfish and hunts rabbits for supper in the setting of a rough Texas town that proudly displays its motto: "The Blackest Land, The Whitest People." An uncomfortable, unwelcome experience upends his intolerant beliefs and provides a glimpse of the miraculous power of thought. Overtime, he learns to control that power to explore and exploit his inner mind.

Illicit teenage adventures and a fight with the most notorious criminal in Texas history emphasize his redneck character. From adolescence, psychic experiences invade his subconscious-ill-favored until one saves his life. He learns self-hypnosis and meditation to find the source of these psychic events and encounters the Angel of Death and repressed childhood trauma.

He investigates the philosophies of Joseph Campbell, the consummate authority on mythology, and studies the hero journeys of mythological kings and warriors. Surprisingly, he senses the call of the hero's journey and accepts the challenge. The adventurer departs to an unfamiliar world and survives tests and trials with help from mystical guidance and magical forces. Afterward he realizes his journey exactly replicated the template of ancient mythologies, proving Campbell's hypothesis that the hero's journey is as applicable today as it was in antiquity.

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ISBN-13: 9781475097580
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/06/2012
Pages: 282
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Mike Ward spent his childhood in a small Texas town, barefoot and sunburned most of the time. During his rebellious teenage years in El Paso, he enjoyed late night, clandestine adventures in neighboring Juarez, Mexico, landing in jail only once. After graduating from college, he rode ships, worked abroad, and tested nuclear bombs until the end of the Cold War.

Influenced by the writings of Joseph Campbell, Mike quit his job, sold his possessions, and answered the hero's call to adventure. Ten years later, he recorded the mystical accounts that had transformed his life. The Mystical Odyssey of a Redneck from Texas completes the fi nal task of the hero's journey-Sharing the Boon. Living in Beaverton, Oregon, Mike volunteers at elementary schools and fishes for salmon on the mighty Columbia River in his boat, "The Kariji."

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