The Oxford Handbook of Retirement

The Oxford Handbook of Retirement

by Mo Wang (Editor)


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As the Baby Boom generation approaches traditional retirement age, the aging of the global labor force will continue to lead to an increase in the number of people who will transition into retirement in the next decade. Retirement researchers have made several important advances in their field in recent years that represent a shift from examining retirement through an economic to a psychological perspective. Retirement is not simply a one-time decision-making event; rather, it represents a process through which workers decrease their psychological commitment to work and behaviorally withdraw from the workforce.

Approaching retirement from this perspective, The Oxford Handbook of Retirement offers comprehensive, up-to-date, and forward-thinking summaries of contemporary knowledge on retirement. The approach is interdisciplinary, spanning human resource management, organizational psychology, development psychology, gerontology, sociology, public health, and economics. The chapters assembled in this volume are organized into five parts, providing comprehensive coverage conceptualizations of retirement from multiple disciplines; existing theoretical perspectives and research findings on retirement, including adult development, career development, organizational and management, and economic perspectives; current and future challenges in retirement research and practice; and recommendations and suggestions for prospective areas of research.

Assembling expertly authored chapters from leaders in the field, this volume provides a comprehensive summary on the knowledge domain of retirement useful for students, academics, and retirement researchers.

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ISBN-13: 9780199746521
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 10/15/2012
Series: Oxford Library of Psychology
Pages: 672
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About the Author

Mo Wang, Ph.D., is Associate Professor, Department of Management, Warrington College of Business Administration, University of Florida.

Table of Contents

Part One: General Introduction

1. Retirement: An Introduction and Overview of the Handbook
Mo Wang

2. The Evolving History of Retirement within the United States
Michael J. Zickar

3. The Demography of Aging and Retirement
Felicia Wheaton and Eileen M. Crimmins

4. Variations on a Retirement Theme: Conceptual and Operational Definitions of Retirement
Terry A. Beehr and Nathan A. Bowling

Part Two: Retirement Process Theoretical Perspectives

5. The Life Course Perspective on Life in the Post-Retirement Period
Paul Wink and Jacquelyn Boone James

6. Continuity Theory and Retirement
Monika E. von Bonsdorff and Juhani Ilmarinen

7. The Theory of Selection, Optimization and Compensation
Boris B. Baltes and Cort W. Rudolph

8. Protean Career Model and Retirement
Najung Kim and Douglas T. Hall

9. Retirement and Human Resources Management: A Strategic Approach
Barbara L. Rau and Gary A. Adams

10. Economic Theories of Retirement
John Laitner and Aanda Sonnega

11. A Multilevel Perspective for Retirement Research
Maximiliane E. Szinovacz

Part Three: Retirement Practice

12. Research Methods in Retirement Research
Gwenith G. Fisher and Robert J. Willis

13. Age, Gender, and the Retirement Process.
Barbara Griffin, Vanessa Loh, and Beryl Hesketh

14. The Employer's Perspective on Retirement
K ne Henkens and Hendrik P. van Dalen

15. Retirement Attitudes: Considering Etiology, Measurement, Attitude-Behavior Relationships, and Attitudinal Ambivalence
Daniel A. Newman, Gahyun Jeon, and Charles L. Hulin

16. Planning and Adaptation to Retirement: The Post-Retirement Environment, Change Management Resources, and Need-Oriented Factors as Moderators
Mary Anne Taylor and Meline Schaffer

17. Retirement Decision Making
Steve M. Jex and James Grosch

18. Feeling Like It's Time to Retire: A Fit Perspective on Early Retirement Decisions
Daniel C. Feldman

19. Bridge Employment
Kevin E. Cahill, Michael D. Giandre, and Joseph F. Quinn

20. Adjustment to Retirement
Hanna van Solinge

21. The Association of Retirement with Physical and Behavioral Health
William T. Gallo

22. Leisure Activities in Retirement
Lorraine T. Dorfman

23. Family, Work, and the Retirement Process: A Review and New Directions
Russell A. Matthews and Gwenith G. Fisher

Part Four: Retirement Practice

24. Social Security, Pension System, and Retirement Savings
Xiang Yao and Haoran Peng

25. Employment Law and Retirement
Christina L. Causey and Joanna N. Lahey

26. Effective Financial Planning for Retirement
Douglas A. Hershey, Joy M. Jacobs-Lawson, and James T. Austin

27. Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Mature Workers
Jeanette N. Cleveland and Sarina M. Maneotis

28. Designing Early Retirement Incentive Programs
Yujie Zhan

29. Health Care and Health Insurance in Retirement
Karoline Mortensen and Jennifer Villani

30. Learning and Training in Retirement
Jerry W. Hedge and Victoria A. Albright

31. Technology and Retirement Life: A Systematic Review of the Literature on Older Adults and Social Media
Bo Xie, Man Huang, and Ivan Watkins

32. Retirement Practices in Different Countries
Jos Mar a Peir , N ria Tordera, and Kristina Potocnik

Part Five: Future Trends and Conclusions

33. The Changing Nature of Work and Retirement
Kenneth S. Shultz and Deborah A. Olson

34. Collision Course: The Impending Impact of Current Immigration and Retirement Trends
Derek R. Avery, Sabrina D. Volpone, and Aleksandra Luksyte

35. Generational Differences in Older Workers and Retirement
Jesse Erdheim and Michael A. Lodato

36. Retirement and Creativity
Ryan Fehr

37. Retirement Research: Concluding Observations and Strategies to Move Forward
Mo Wang

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