The Population Explosion: The Problems, Solutions, and Predictions

The Population Explosion: The Problems, Solutions, and Predictions


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Our present population is at least twice that sustainable with any degree of comfort. As a result the earth will be so ravaged by pollution, resource depletion, environmental destruction, global warming and climate change that we will be reduced to a subsistence existence, if not made extinct altogether.
In Part I of the book the main threats we face are lucidly discussed, including overpopulation, excessive consumption, resource depletion, the energy crisis, pollution, nuclear power, global warming, climate change, environmental destruction, the evolution of new diseases, economic collapse, war and terrorism.
In Part II some of the fundamental problems behind our perilous situation are examined, including incompetent leadership in politics and business, corrupt capitalism, globalization, megacities built around cars, 'junk' products and the promotional 'bullshit and brainwashing' used in religion, politics, business.
Part III suggests that 'real democracy', ethical management,, careful choice of objectives, and implementation of sustainable practices will help deal with the catastrophe facing us.
Part IV uses detailed calculations to show that, unless we take action to deal with our critical situation, our population will be decimated and face the prospect of extinction.

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ISBN-13: 9781980968931
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Publication date: 04/30/2018
Pages: 312
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